GenreYoung Adult / Drama
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Monday, 15 November 2010
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My name is Orion Moore. I'm fifteen years old.
My whole life has been made up of secrets and lies. I've done a hell of a lot of things I'm not proud of, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get buy. And sometimes I'll do anything for decent food, a roof over my head and a warm bed. And a bottle of vodka. I'm not an alcoholic, I just...drink to forget.
I just want to make something better of my life, but I just don't seem to have the time to apply myself. All I want is to be something better than the badly behaved kid of the bad estate.
But since when does anybody ever get what they want?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 One
Ch. 2 Two
Ch. 3 Three
Ch. 4 Four
Ch. 5 Five
Ch. 6 Six
Ch. 7 Seven
Ch. 8 Eight
Ch. 9 Nine
Ch. 10 Ten
Ch. 11 Eleven
Ch. 12 Twelve
Ch. 13 Thirteen
Ch. 14 Fourteen
Ch. 15 Ffiteen
Ch. 16 Sixteen
Ch. 17 Seventeen
Ch. 18 Eighteen
Ch. 19 Nineteen
Ch. 20 Twenty
Ch. 21 Twenty-One
Ch. 22 Twenty-Two
Ch. 23 Twenty-Three.
Ch. 24 Twenty-Four
Ch. 25 Twenty-Five.
Ch. 26 Twenty-Six
Ch. 27 Twenty-Seven


Alish the Strange Sunday, 19 February 2012
My face was practically stuck like :O
I am going to have to lie down now...
Alish the Strange Sunday, 19 February 2012
Awww...puppies... again! Yeah his dad really wont like that...
Raelyn Hope Thursday, 19 January 2012
The Dad is an ass. God darn it. Someone needs to kill him.
Raelyn Hope Tuesday, 17 January 2012
Wow, this book is really really good! I feel so bad for Orion and the rest of his family. His dad is such a ... nevermind, I won't say that word here. Anyway, I do like the book. The characters are really cool, love them :D
637974 Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Maurice? I thought that name died out.:D

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