Dead Pursuit - Full book
GenreAdventure / Horror
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Monday, 6 April 2009
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World War Three is a hazy memory. Now the earth and its inhabitants are all but dead.
It is home to a new race. One who rule it with only the sheer audacity of their numbers.
They are the infected; zombies.
Those that survived Z-day and the war against the undead now run and hide. Some fight. Most die and join their ranks.

For young Idaho, who was content in running from the ever pursuing nightmare, he must now set out into the desolate world in pursuit of his girlfriend Dakota who was kidnapped by a strange and unique zombie, one who feels no desire to feed but instead a desire to be with the girl. All Idaho knows is that he has a chance to get her back and in order to do so he must do everything in his power to catch up with them as they journey north.

At the same time Dakota Ė held captive against her will Ė slowly becomes to rely on the zombie as it protects and cares for her in its vicious, sometimes gentle way. With each day they travel she grows more fond and protective of it, not realizing that behind them her boyfriend journeys towards a final confrontation with her abductor.

Through bleak and barren landscapes filled with natural obstacles to human settlements where there are more dangerous things to worry about than zombies, Idaho must first travel through hell before he finds his piece of heaven but an unthinkable surprise awaits them all at the end...


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Surprise Interrogation
Ch. 2 A High Spot for the Night
Ch. 3 A Lonely Road
Ch. 4 A Simple Plan
Ch. 5 New York, New York
Ch. 6 Help Arrives
Ch. 7 Little Monsters
Ch. 8 Hellís Highway, Part One
Ch. 9 Hellís Highway, Part Two
Ch. 10 Strangers
Ch. 11 A Hard Hat for Frank
Ch. 12 Albeo Reptile
Ch. 13 Shots in the Dark
Ch. 14 Surrounded
Ch. 15 Tree City
Ch. 16 A Storm to End All Storms
Ch. 17 A Traitorís Journey
Ch. 18 A Convenient Interrupted
Ch. 19 The Dam
Ch. 20 The Battle for Tree City
Ch. 21 Man Down
Ch. 22 The Rule of King
Ch. 23 The Cabin
Ch. 24 The Slave Camp
Ch. 25 The Basement
Ch. 26 A Party in Hell
Ch. 27 A Town in Crisis
Ch. 28 The Party
Ch. 29 Crescendo
Ch. 30 The Convoy of Hope
Ch. 31 Suicide or Bravery?
Ch. 32 Dogs of War
Ch. 33 Canada
Ch. 34 The End of All Things
Ch. 35 Aftermath


Peony Black Sunday, 25 June 2017
I am very impressed with your writing. Great opening chapter!
Melissa Rose Monday, 4 February 2013
Wow, you need to get this published! You have an amazing talent for writing.

Read and comment on mine if you have time, I would appreciate it.
Jacqueline Lorraine Conwe Tuesday, 9 October 2012
I'm really big on zombie shows and video games, so it was refreshing to actually read a story about them. I enjoyed it; there was enough description to paint a vivid picture for me as I read it. Well done!
Robert Corkill Friday, 14 September 2012
Cool story, really well written too. Which seems like the exception on here lol but good job, I was hooked from the first paragraph. Keep writing! Adventure stories, when they're well done..are brilliant. So thanks :)
Hakeem Gibbs Wednesday, 21 March 2012
You should really try and get this published only problem is the end but its not a big problem. Loved it so much

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