$12,000 Loan
GenreHumour / Young Adult
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 25 March 2009
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Ever wonder why you have to go to college now a days? JMo does all the time, although he couldn't think of a place he'd rather be. He's a college senior, and a stoner, who doesn't really care about classes anymore. He just took out a student loan for his last semester. Instead of using the money on textbooks and school supplies like he was supposed to, he spends the money carelessly on marijuana and alcohol. This story takes place over a couple of days, and you won't stop laughing at the antics of JMo and his ridiculous friends.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Epiphany
Ch. 2 The Ghetto Chop Experience
Ch. 3 $12,000 Loan
Ch. 4 The Z-Man and Holiday Chair
Ch. 5 The Rise and Fall of Cornelius Schenck III
Ch. 6 The Dream Job


Jack B. Nimble Sunday, 30 January 2011
Dude. this is soooo funny, man!
Kirsst Monday, 14 September 2009
Aww, this is some funny shit! :D
You're a brill writer :) 5/5
paul schoaff Saturday, 9 May 2009
okay, it's really entertaining. Space the paragraphs and I'll enjoy reading it even more. Why did you waste all that time going to college when you can write like this?

How things change in 100 years. Ever read any George Fitch (Old Siwash)?

My generation barely finished school before the drug culture set in; when we had sex, it was usually after the engagement; our music was Early Beatles and Folk Music. Yet, I can't say we accomplished all that much. Here we are, handing over the world to the next generation in a lot worse shape than when we inherited it from the "greatest generation".

How will you make a difference?
Addison & Co. Saturday, 9 May 2009
Oh goodness. I can't stop laughing! I think everyone around me thinks I've gone mad. I really enjoyed this. I'm a college student myself and I see so many people like JMo passed out under a tree. Good job!
Jack B. Nimble Wednesday, 15 April 2009
I rated :) Becasue I reallly realllllly enjoy this book.

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