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Submitted:Wednesday, 25 August 2010
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Powers that people can only dream about. Gifts that cannot be described. But everything comes with the price. The Mutant Detention Centers hold such creatures. But more then just prison happens beyond the bars. Testing. Experimentation. Murder. Horror. Everyone over 18 is terminated. Everyone under is held hostage. A nightmare come true. Nothing can escape its walls, yet four of its captives find freedom. But the Leader is not happy. And she will do anything to get them back.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 1 Prologue
Ch. 2 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 3 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 4 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 5 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 6 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 7 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 8 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 9 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 10 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 11 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 12 Talon (Part 1)
Ch. 13 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 14 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 15 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 16 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 17 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 18 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 19 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 20 Shade (Part 1)
Ch. 21 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 22 Talon (Part 1)
Ch. 23 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 24 Shade (Part 1)
Ch. 25 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 26 Talon (Part 1)
Ch. 27 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 28 Shade (Part 1)
Ch. 29 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 30 Talon (Part 1)
Ch. 31 Dog (Part 1)
Ch. 32 Shade (Part 1)
Ch. 33 Flight (Part 1)
Ch. 34 Talon (Part 1)
Ch. 35 Dog (Part 2)
Ch. 36 Shade (Part 2)
Ch. 37 Flight (Part 2)
Ch. 38 Talon (Part 2)
Ch. 39 Dog (Part 2)
Ch. 40 Shade (Part 2)
Ch. 41 Flight (Part 2)
Ch. 42 Talon (Part 2)
Ch. 43 Dog (Part 2)
Ch. 44 Shade (Part 2)
Ch. 45 Flight (Part 2)
Ch. 46 Talon (Part 2)
Ch. 47 Dog (Part 2)
Ch. 48 Shade (Part 2)
Ch. 49 Flight (Part 2)
Ch. 50 Talon (Part 2)
Ch. 51 Dog (Part 2)
Ch. 52 Shade (Part 2)
Ch. 53 Flight (Part 2)
Ch. 54 Talon (Part 2)
Ch. 55 Dog (Part 2)
Ch. 56 Shade (Part 2)


SakuRahime Wednesday, 21 May 2014
i really love how this book catches my eyes. you did an amazing job on this! deffinatly one of my facvorite writers on this site. <3 i am also a writer. <3
David Jae Sunday, 26 January 2014
I like this story. The first chapter starts well, with some good intrigue and tensions. I like your protagonist, although your Antagonist seems a little one dimensional. If she was doing it to protect humanity, then this would give some nice duality. (You may focus on this later, but I feel it should have been introduced now.)

Still, an enjoyable read.

L.Walt Friday, 26 April 2013
Elegant writing, can't wait to read more.
Read mine? I'm new!
M.J. Robertson Wednesday, 23 January 2013
Great introduction. Hook 'em and reel 'em in. Straight into some action to get us interested. That's what I like to see. I'm getting a kind of anime inspired vibe here. I'm not sure if that's where you've come from, but good luck either way. I'm not sure how much this kind if thing appeals to the masses, but it's right down my alley, or so the expression goes. I hope it's not too hard a sell for some people, but whatever. You've got me on board, and again, I wish you luck with this.
Half-Blood Princess Sunday, 6 January 2013
Wow, that was impressive. I actually quite liked it. Your writing is really engaging, making it easy to sympathize with the character. I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my story as well.

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