One Dark and Stormy Night...(poetry)
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Submitted:Monday, 9 August 2010
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A collection of poetry I wrote, 2008-2010.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Forest Walker
Ch. 2 A Simple Triangle
Ch. 3 Ghost Ship
Ch. 4 Open Ocean
Ch. 5 Imagination
Ch. 6 Crystal Bay
Ch. 7 Northern Storm
Ch. 8 Golden Opportunity
Ch. 9 Stepping Stones
Ch. 10 Eternal Sunset
Ch. 11 I Never Thought
Ch. 12 Final Stand
Ch. 13 Never Alone
Ch. 14 Curtain Of Rain
Ch. 15 Chance
Ch. 16 Possibilities...
Ch. 17 Fallen Apart
Ch. 18 Dreams
Ch. 19 Forsaken
Ch. 20 Gone Before (Beginning of the end)
Ch. 21 Journey (If Luck Doesn't Show)
Ch. 22 Take Me Away
Ch. 23 Beauty Is
Ch. 24 Slip Away (Why be Famous?)
Ch. 25 Highway Road
Ch. 26 L.A. Summer
Ch. 27 Observer's Balcony
Ch. 28 Pacific Red Sky
Ch. 29 Choosing Not To Choose
Ch. 30 Seasons
Ch. 31 King For A Day
Ch. 32 Sands Of Time
Ch. 33 My Double Personality
Ch. 34 Element of Surprise
Ch. 35 What Happens?
Ch. 36 Think Of You
Ch. 37 Shooting Stars
Ch. 38 The Twilight
Ch. 39 Dream Land
Ch. 40 Midnight Moon
Ch. 41 Finding You
Ch. 42 My City
Ch. 43 You Said Forever
Ch. 44 Nothing More, Nothing Less


China Roses Sunday, 3 October 2010
The poems are really good. My favorite one is Chapter 4. Great Job!!!!!!

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Zoey Koppang Monday, 9 August 2010
Wow, your poems were great! I enjoyed reading them all :)
Jessica E Monday, 9 August 2010
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