Arlen the 20th Century Messenger. To Manhood.
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Submitted:Sunday, 8 March 2009
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The remarkable story of the life of Arlen, concieved at the behest of the Stonehenge Druids who conveys messages from these ancient ancestors to the crusades, the battle of Waterloo and thro' the two world wars of the 20th century. This book "To Manhood," the first of a trilogy traces Arlen's life from conception at the turn of the century until reaching manhood in the killing fields of the Western Front during WW1. 9.50GBP $US12.30 $US15.49 $A 33.95 $A24.75


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Ordain
Ch. 2 Conception
Ch. 3 Birth
Ch. 4 Accident
Ch. 5 Friends
Ch. 6 School Days
Ch. 7 Enlistment
Ch. 8 Training
Ch. 9 Tribes
Ch. 10 Western Front and Manhood. The End Book 1 Trilogy


robin Thursday, 28 January 2010
From start to finish a believable mystic story that joins the past to the present seamlessly. I lookforward to reading the next book

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