Love Charms
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Friday, 16 July 2010
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This is a love story about two 18 year old teenagers who despise each other at first, but fall in love on the same day they meet. they share many memories but when Shyla, the main charatcor, finds a deep secret about Wesley, her lover, and his father, Wesley has to move away. she goes into a deep depression and moves on. Wesley comes back with a new girlfriend but Wesley and Shylas love spark is still there, until a tradgic accodent leaves him with a horrible side affect. can there love over come this tradedy?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 My determination and stubbornness is the only thing that keeps me going everyday
Ch. 2 i wish i didnt fall for you, but you are so differnt from ever boy before.
Ch. 3 & for a moment my heart was complete again.
Ch. 4 Follow me, everything is alright.
Ch. 5 falling, shooting or shining star, a wish is a wish no matter where you are.
Ch. 6 the reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.
Ch. 7 Cross my heart and hope to die, i dont want to see you cry.


Andrew Salmon Thursday, 9 September 2010
Like everyone has said, the format is messed up.

I think the voice here is good. Shyla had a good and relatable mood to how she thinks that felt refreshing. However, I feel the first little bit could be cut without any problems. But the pace is good, there are a few grammar mistakes, but it looks pretty solid all around.
stella rose Thursday, 9 September 2010
it's a good idea, but you may need to work on sentence structures, grammar, and spelling.
Scarlett Sinclaire Monday, 30 August 2010
ok thanks, i figured it out
Cass Sunday, 29 August 2010
I'm pretty sure every computer in the whole world has 'Microsoft Word'. Just copy and paste it from there, I use to do that all the time.
Scarlett Sinclaire Sunday, 29 August 2010
what is word first? i dont think my computer has tht

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