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Submitted:Friday, 2 July 2010
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Exploring the emotonial sides of life.
Sadness, joys its highs and lows.
Questions aboutlife, living and its worth.
Being a people watcher I try to get behind the face by looking into the eyes seeing the pain that no one else sees.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Dedications
Ch. 2 In the Middle of Nowhere
Ch. 3 To A Friend
Ch. 4 This is Why I Cry
Ch. 5 Whatever it is You're Looking For
Ch. 6 The Sun
Ch. 7 The Rose
Ch. 8 Last Night I Went to Call You
Ch. 9 Mr, Groundhog
Ch. 10 The Road Already Taken
Ch. 11 The Empty Garden
Ch. 12 To My Class
Ch. 13 Whats Happening
Ch. 14 Waves
Ch. 15 Lightening
Ch. 16 Ruthies Garden
Ch. 17 The Pain is gone
Ch. 18 To........ From........
Ch. 19 The Final Sunset
Ch. 20 The sea
Ch. 21 Opening Doors
Ch. 22 Lights Out
Ch. 23 HIs Last Song
Ch. 24 Thank you
Ch. 25 No One Can See
Ch. 26 You Had to Look
Ch. 27 Did you Know?
Ch. 28 Father
Ch. 29 Again and Again
Ch. 31 Thank you


Take My Dreams Friday, 5 November 2010
Your poetry is very intriguing...

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