Piercing The Sky, A Book of My Poems
GenrePoetry / Drama
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Friday, 25 June 2010
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My name is Neil Evans. I am no older than 14 years. A month before my birthday I encountered a migraine, dwindling my energy down to a minimum. As I struggled, I couldn't lay down. My legs ached, and I fell to my knees next to my writing desk. There sat a pen and printed papers. I flipped over the papers and wrote down in verse. I had given birth to my first poem. Not long after, I was on vacation and finished my second poem. Since then, I have written more than 100 poems, posting them on here. Some have forced rhymes, some are just plain awful, but all are entirely, 100% mine. They revolve around my life, my drama, my love, my hate, my lust, my greed, everything that is me. But who am I? Read to find out...


List of chapters

Ch. 0 What Is Poetry?
Ch. 1 My First Poem
Ch. 2 Cold Water
Ch. 3 Pandora's Box (Is this even a poem?)
Ch. 4 Number Four
Ch. 5 Final Thank You
Ch. 6 Please Don't
Ch. 7 Unknown Feeling
Ch. 8 Incomplete Poem
Ch. 9 Be Careful
Ch. 11 Last Night's Dream
Ch. 12 Rose of Black
Ch. 13 The Rock The Tree And Me
Ch. 14 I'm Doin' Alright
Ch. 15 The Field Of The Loved
Ch. 16 Did I Tell You
Ch. 17 Today
Ch. 18 You Know It's Love
Ch. 19 Let's Start Some Pain
Ch. 20 They All Mock, My Mate
Ch. 21 What I Did
Ch. 22 'Let's Give It A Try'
Ch. 23 We Gave It A Try
Ch. 24 I Don't Care
Ch. 25 No Rhymes
Ch. 26 Can I Kiss?
Ch. 27 I Got This Disease
Ch. 28 Dying
Ch. 29 The Angel
Ch. 30 Baby
Ch. 31 Some Changes
Ch. 32 Fire
Ch. 33 Aphrodite Died
Ch. 34 I Am Death
Ch. 35 Incomplete Failure (1)
Ch. 36 Incomplete Failure (2)
Ch. 37 I Love You
Ch. 38 Everybody Loves
Ch. 39 Sometimes I Wish
Ch. 41 Poem 40
Ch. 42 Your Starry Eyes
Ch. 43 The Pain
Ch. 44 My Thanks, From Me To You
Ch. 45 Runaway
Ch. 46 For My Aphrodite
Ch. 48 Everything Made Sense
Ch. 49 How Much You Mean
Ch. 50 No More Pain
Ch. 51 Fucking Kill
Ch. 52 Raindrops
Ch. 53 What Friends Are For
Ch. 54 Crying Dead Girl
Ch. 55 I Forgive You
Ch. 56 You Just Have To Stay
Ch. 57 You Make Me Feel
Ch. 58 When I'm Away
Ch. 59 Rape And Spill
Ch. 60 Don't Ever Come Back
Ch. 61 Holding Each Other
Ch. 62 Death
Ch. 63 Baby (Negative Version)
Ch. 64 Daydreams
Ch. 65 Blood
Ch. 66 Killing
Ch. 67 Psychosis
Ch. 68 Closing The Gap
Ch. 69 You Know How To Have Fun
Ch. 70 You Can't
Ch. 71 How Can She Be Mine?
Ch. 72 Everything Better
Ch. 73 Staring At Your Neck
Ch. 74 She's Here
Ch. 75 A Meteor Shower
Ch. 76 Eiffel Tower
Ch. 77 Kill The One You Love
Ch. 78 Monster
Ch. 79 This Isn't A School
Ch. 80 The Angel Returns
Ch. 81 Cravings
Ch. 82 My Love Again
Ch. 83 Save Me!
Ch. 84 We Need To Talk
Ch. 85 The Fallen One
Ch. 86 The Broken
Ch. 87 Damsel In Distress
Ch. 88 Gonna Let Go
Ch. 89 Me
Ch. 90 The One
Ch. 91 The First Fight
Ch. 92 My Dear, Dead Friend
Ch. 93 Blank Page
Ch. 94 Smoking Gun
Ch. 95 Demons Inside
Ch. 96 Sweet
Ch. 97 Day One Away (1): Save Me!
Ch. 98 Day One Away (2): Sheep Of The Lamb
Ch. 99 Day One Away (3): Take Another Quick Swig
Ch. 100 Day One Away (4): Bandoleers And War Gears
Ch. 101 Day One Away (5): Fly Against A Human
Ch. 102 Day One Away (6): Fuck It
Ch. 103 Day One Away (7): Dammit Dave
Ch. 104 Day One Away (8): Scene Inside
Ch. 105 Day One Away (9): Take A Glass
Ch. 106 Day One Away (10): Lucky Jack
Ch. 107 Day One Away (11): Ticking Clock
Ch. 108 Day One Away (12): Just Thinking
Ch. 109 Day One Away (13): Goodnight
Ch. 110 Time
Ch. 111 Day One Away (14): To Rape A Saint
Ch. 112 Blade of Truth
Ch. 113 Day Two Away (1): Your Embrace
Ch. 114 Day Two Away (2): Lustful Intentions
Ch. 115 Day Two Away (3): Urge To Kill
Ch. 116 Day Two Away (4): Mind Poison
Ch. 117 Day Two Away (5): Two Fights
Ch. 118 Day Two Away (6): Goodnight
Ch. 119 Day Two Away (7): I Hate My Poems
Ch. 120 Day Two Away (8): Boring
Ch. 121 Day Two Away (9): All Around Me
Ch. 122 Day Two Away (10): The Wall
Ch. 123 Black
Ch. 124 This One Is For You, Honey
Ch. 125 Z: The Final Letter
Ch. 126 X: Suicide One
Ch. 127 Y: Don't Care Anymore
Ch. 128 Your Hand
Ch. 129 The Nave Child
Ch. 130 Pleasure
Ch. 131 Crumbling Away
Ch. 132 Hearts Never Break
Ch. 133 Staring Down
Ch. 134 Inside
Ch. 135 Dance With The Wind
Ch. 136 Schoolyard Poem
Ch. 137 More Changes
Ch. 138 Dear Heart
Ch. 139 Madness
Ch. 140 Anymore
Ch. 141 I Hate The Happiness
Ch. 142 Not Myself Tonight
Ch. 143 Eagle's Eye
Ch. 144 Disgraced
Ch. 145 Genocidal Jennifer
Ch. 146 Winter Poem
Ch. 147 Angst
Ch. 148 Special Lies
Ch. 149 Life Goes On
Ch. 150 You're Dead
Ch. 151 Should I Feel This Way
Ch. 152 Make This Hurt
Ch. 153 Your Shadow
Ch. 154 Emotionless
Ch. 155 Infinite Imagination
Ch. 156 Faith Lost
Ch. 157 Burned Alone
Ch. 158 Suffocating
Ch. 159 Love Me Anymore
Ch. 160 I Will Be
Ch. 161 I'm Venomous
Ch. 162 Breakup
Ch. 163 Never Go Away
Ch. 164 Memories Of You
Ch. 165 Happy Days
Ch. 166 How I Feel
Ch. 167 Aura
Ch. 168 Writhe
Ch. 169 Serious
Ch. 170 I Live For You
Ch. 171 Tempt
Ch. 172 You'll Give In
Ch. 173 You're The Worst
Ch. 174 Your Beautiful Face
Ch. 175 It's Three AM
Ch. 176 Tomb Of Sorrow
Ch. 177 Get Away
Ch. 178 Violated
Ch. 179 What Did I Do?
Ch. 180 Reread
Ch. 181 Will This End?
Ch. 182 Erase The Pain
Ch. 183 Same Old Shit
Ch. 184 I Used You
Ch. 185 God
Ch. 186 Slaves
Ch. 187 What's Important
Ch. 188 We Act
Ch. 189 I Still Need You
Ch. 190 Smoking Alone
Ch. 191 Obsess
Ch. 192 I Met You
Ch. 193 Obsessed With You
Ch. 194 Drown
Ch. 195 Angel Tears
Ch. 196 Where Are You?
Ch. 197 Second Look
Ch. 198 Good As Dead
Ch. 199 Crush On You


ashblogs Sunday, 4 June 2017
I love this
Laz Monday, 4 August 2014
Simple but so strong!
John T. Goodman Friday, 27 June 2014
You ask me to post a comment I see.
I will tell you what I think and leave you be.
What I have to tell are three:
The first is simply you mustn't be so sad; maybe if you write about the sun you wouldn't feel so bad.
The second I am glad to say, is that your skill is worth your strain.
The third it to keep it up my friend, for a bright future might be your end.
Likhitha Monday, 21 April 2014
nice ending!
bre Monday, 24 February 2014
you've got skills my friend own it with confidence.

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