Looking Back Thirteen Meters (and 5 musings) (and some other stuff)
GenrePoetry / Humour
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Tuesday, 3 February 2009
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How could a collection of poetry be the highest rated thing on Worthy of Publishing? That is really odd. Discard all your preconceptions about what you like and what you don't for 10 minutes and find out....

These are easily read poems, no deep imagery, no hidden meanings. They are written to be enjoyed and read aloud, so just enjoy them. Don't overanalyze them. Remember, there is no such thing as a completed book, poem or painting.

please try, too, http://www.worthyofpublishing.com/book.asp?book_ID=35369

Yet, I think when you read, thoughtfully, you will find one stanza within each poem that feels absolutely perfect, one that will tell you something basic about life and about the subject of the lines. Please read and enjoy.

Again and again, I repeat
My appreciation replete
Your 5 star ratings, like it or not
Puts 'Looking Back' at the top of the lot

If you look closely, you will certain see
dozens of works that surely could be
in line to be the new super pace-setter
All as good as mine, some may be better

But for the nonce I'll just be noting
It is what it is, though folks are still voting
No one has a lock on the top of W O P
But you put it up there and there it will be

As long as you want it there
before it comes down
The printing will fade
the paper turn brown

But have a cold brewski,
Taste a fine wine
The best stuff to read
For the moment, is mine.

\After quite a few years, I've collected some ditties from the dusty corners of my word processor and tossed them, together, as chapter 50.

by the same author, Twin Beeches and Touch of Rural Justice. Give them both a read for high quality entertainment.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 But, Does it Sing?
Ch. 2 Campus Courtship
Ch. 3 On Receiving Free Tickets to Don Quixote at the Boston Ballet
Ch. 4 Adjusting Expectations as Life Happens
Ch. 5 Old John Donovan, Plant One, East Chicago
Ch. 6 Good old Henry Hyde
Ch. 7 Something for the Kids
Ch. 9 Dilemma in the forest
Ch. 10 Hometown Boy
Ch. 11 Detroit Don
Ch. 12 The Sentinel
Ch. 13 Grave Thoughts
Ch. 14 My Sister is Eighty
Ch. 15 Disorientation
Ch. 19 Homecoming
Ch. 20 Alternate endings
Ch. 22 A note of appreciation
Ch. 23 Rock Star ( not a story for prepubescents)
Ch. 24 Things I learned the hard way
Ch. 28 Joe's sacrifice
Ch. 30 A chapter from Twin Beeches
Ch. 44 speculation
Ch. 46 Aftermath
Ch. 47 A man of the earth
Ch. 48 Alternate universes
Ch. 49 Supreme court reaffirms right to bear arms and that it cannot be abridged
Ch. 50 New collection, 2000-2015. Good stuff OPEN THIS END!
Ch. 51 Thoughts on my ancestors
Ch. 52 East Chicago Blues
Ch. 53 for sister's 90th birthday
Ch. 54 early warning
Ch. 55 Cold Spring Carolina


Forever Incomplete Wednesday, 31 January 2018
paul schoaff Friday, 22 December 2017
I sincerely hope both of us are well 10 years hence for me to try to compose something for #100
paul schoaff Tuesday, 31 October 2017
How many people would relate to the 'brushed against each other' chemical explosion? fingers that accidently touch when wanting to tune the car radio....and stay there, together? Two people who happen to need to walk the dog at 3 a.m.? Who can't sleep and find a confused young woman sitting on their curb, not surprised to you came out to respond to their silent and mysterious presence? Has it happened to you? Of course it has.
paul schoaff Tuesday, 31 October 2017
did I really write this crap?
paul schoaff Wednesday, 28 June 2017
so, we find ourselves comfortably in N. C., 20 miles from their home, admiring and envious of their young, full, lives. Good for them!

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