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Thorne was drawn to Farrah like a moth to a flame, curious to see her undeniable beauty up close. He lived for torture, relishing in the throats he ripped out, the bodies pumped dry. And he wanted hers. Nothing would be able to stop him. Unless--Is love the only exception?
It is near impossible not to admire hot headed Farrah, a black-haired bombshell with an equal amount of fire and zest running through her veins. Thorne begins to question his meeting her purely coincidental or rather curious due to the fact that Farrah is a carbon copy of his first love Marie-Rose--back in the 1800s.

Old enemies made new. Secrets that sit in the middle and taunt loved ones. Death. Blood. Romance.

My name is Farrah Evans. And this is my story.

An Excerpt from Arising Shadows*************

Farrah felt his implaccable need for her body wash feverishly against her heated flesh. Every inch of her craved the rush Thorne's kisses brought her. The pure desire, the need, enfolded both of them in its savage clutches, holding Farrah fast, holding Thorne's entirety in greedy palms. She knew any moment now their lips would touch, her control would crack.
With each passing second, the spell intensified, sending Thorne over the edge. It was almost unbearable.
Farrah felt his need for her, wracking throughout his body until finally, his canine teeth skimmed her exposed throat.
Wrong collided with right in Farrah's head until she could no longer distinguigh the difference between the two. Pain and pleasure somehow ended up on the same scale. The words 'good' and 'bad' ceased to mean anything at all.
A world outside of these walls did not exist.
But she knew. Tonight, Thorne was not going to kiss her. . .


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Farrah
Ch. 2 Farrah
Ch. 3 Thorne
Ch. 4 Farrah
Ch. 5 Thorne
Ch. 6 Farrah
Ch. 8 Thorne
Ch. 9 Farrah
Ch. 10 Thorne/Farrah
Ch. 11 Farrah
Ch. 12 Farrah
Ch. 13 Thorne
Ch. 14 Farrah
Ch. 15 Farrah
Ch. 16 Farrah
Ch. 17 Thorne
Ch. 18 Vivienne
Ch. 19 Thorne
Ch. 20 Farrah
Ch. 21 Farrah
Ch. 22 Farrah
Ch. 23 Thorne
Ch. 24 Farrah


beck harris Friday, 6 July 2012
Type oh I meant to say 'but hell that might be because' sorry still pretty fucking sleepy
beck harris Friday, 6 July 2012
I loved it but found it to be a little hard to follow but hell that ,isn't be because I'm reading this at 4 in the morning and havent slept for a bit lol
C.C Phoenixx Friday, 10 December 2010
A little confused, but I'm guessing it will all be explained further on in the story! Luv it still <3
C.C Phoenixx Thursday, 18 November 2010
I don't like Natalia :$ Too innocent LOL love it!
C.C Phoenixx Monday, 18 October 2010
Yesssssssss, together once again!!! <333

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