The Bangkok Queen, Tokyo
GenreTravel / Fiction
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 26 January 2009
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Matt begins to visit the Bangkok Queen, a shady massage parlor in Tokyo's pleasure district. He develops a platonic relationship with Dao/Pen, a Thai woman working there. Can they learn to trust each other? And what will his wife say about the whole thing?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 And a time to every purpose under heaven
Ch. 2 One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster
Ch. 3 You say 'Goodbye' but I say 'Hello'
Ch. 4 And I want to know, What's the name of the game?


puresnow Thursday, 16 April 2009
Your initial narration is a very thorough descriptive style. It creates a feeling for Tokyo, which I think is important as most of your readers would not have been to Tokyo.

The end of the chapter gives just a gimpse of the Thai girl, and thus gives suspense. I like to continue to read what comes next.
Sarinom Friday, 20 March 2009
i just have to say it again, this is really good. It captures the mindset and the emotions of a man lost in his marrige and is looking for a "kosher" ecape. so far, and by far the best book on wop. I rarely say that too. just one question...why isn't this published???
Sarinom Friday, 20 March 2009
so far, I love your story. really really good...
Kelly D Monday, 16 March 2009
Thanks so much for your feedback on my book. I love yours, you are an amazing writer. I can't wait to finish reading! Do you think you can take a look at my new book, I would really appreciate your feedback. :)
Robert Black Thursday, 19 February 2009
I like it but my first impression was that is screaming out to be written in first person narrative. It could be just because I wrote The Fake Celebrity in China that way (though maybe I chose wrongly to write it in present tense), I dunno I just feel it would leap out more that way. Experience is everything and when you have experienced it why not it write it that way and if you haven't then write it in third person.

So the Sumo one is OK in third person.

Yeah like your style, talented.

Keep writing and thanks again for your comments on The Fake Celeb.,


Robert Black.

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