Runaway Love
GenreFan fiction / Romance
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Submitted:Monday, 24 May 2010
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(This is a fanfiction sequel to Repentance, if Repentance were fanfiction. In this fake world, I will make a few changes to character names for the plot to make sense. In reality, this will never happen nor wil it connect to the real sequel.Well, if there is one)

Kalix Jackson, daughter of Kristen James and Matt JAckson, never knew who her parents were. All she remebers are faint memories of a life her family no longer leads. She remebers the cries of her once family. The howls of pain from her Alphas. Ever since that day her life has been filled with secrets.

14 years later, Kalix has had enough. Her adoptive parents are keeping secrets and she constantly has theses dreams; Really memories of her old life. Her mothers constantly say they are just dreams. Unable to keep up with a life of lies and hidden pasts, Kalix is left with one option, or so she thinks: Runaway.

She runs from her hometown of Bingen to the furthest place though possible: Forks, Washington. And when she gets there, she meets a strange family, discovers a past secret, and sets her life on a new course.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prolouge
Ch. 1 Running Away
Ch. 2 Ride of a Lifetime
Ch. 3 Flying?
Ch. 4 Awakening to an Angel
Ch. 5 Dreams and Offers
Ch. 6 The Cullens
Ch. 7 Explanations
Ch. 8 Questions
Ch. 9 Falling
Ch. 10 Memories
Ch. 11 Shopping pt.1
Ch. 12 Out Tonight


A.L.E.C. Sunday, 22 August 2010
okay, i'm like commenting on as the chapters go, okay?sorry about it.:D

expand the stories. like, who's elizabeth in her life? for the grammar part, i won't comment on that since everyone makes grammatical errors. great story so far. :)
A.L.E.C. Sunday, 22 August 2010
another cool thing, the name. :))))
on the first part, a crazy ass mother, and a lazy Mom and Dad.... remove Mom unless they're different people.
A.L.E.C. Sunday, 22 August 2010
cool prologue.:DDDD

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