i'm too scared to be with you
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Submitted:Thursday, 1 January 2009
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mailyn and justin were best friends ever since kindergraten. mailyn liked justin but justin didn't like mailyn. then justin moved to reno because he got a record deal and became super famous. a year later, he visits hawaii during summer vacation. everyone is telling mailyn that this might be her second chance with justin but he's already hooking up with other girls. mailyn has a hard time dealing with justin and his new girlfriends every week. until he meets one of his brother's friends, kayden. kayden falls for mailyn instintly and hogs her. justin gets jealous and mailyn doesn't notice. fortunately, mailyn doesn't feel totally the same towards kayden. after kayden passing away at an attempt at suicide, mailyn realizes she still loves justin. at the airport when justin leaves, mailyn confesses her deep true love for justin. how will justin react? does he love her too?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 first day of summer
Ch. 2 justin's back
Ch. 3 byran's party
Ch. 4 kayden
Ch. 5 kayden's bad side
Ch. 6 event and carnival
Ch. 7 day at the beach
Ch. 8 problems between with me and justin beginning
Ch. 9 the black and white party
Ch. 10 carnival with justin and the twins
Ch. 11 justin's shot with rachel
Ch. 12 justin's album signing
Ch. 13 kayden's "i love you" can affect a lot
Ch. 14 out camping
Ch. 15 reunited with chelsea
Ch. 16 we meet jerome
Ch. 17 kayden's ruining my friendship
Ch. 18 my "break up" and a day with jerome
Ch. 19 a tragedy accurs
Ch. 20 byran's goodbye party
Ch. 21 justin and chelsea break up
Ch. 22 justin's goodbye party
Ch. 23 my date with justin
Ch. 24 i like him
Ch. 25 justin leaves for reno
Ch. 26 justin comes back
Ch. 27 now what?
Ch. 28 first day of school
Ch. 29 he's back
Ch. 30 the end


Trish Saturday, 23 April 2016
I enjoy the plot, but the grammatical errors and the writing style throws me off. I agree with one of the comments above, it seems as if they were texting.
Aidachi Tuesday, 27 July 2010
When you started I thought they were texting. Seriously. The plot seems nice but I just can't concentrate on it when there are so many gramatical errors. I'll go with Spindlegal and give you a 2 1/2.
♥cece_toocute♥ Sunday, 18 July 2010
too much grammar errors sweetie. I like it but those errors are horrible
Spindlegal Thursday, 3 June 2010
Bunch of grammar errors hunny
katiealyssa. Sunday, 16 May 2010
I cannot read this anymore. Sorry.

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