Blackhorse in the Forest
by spj
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Monday, 17 May 2010
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A feeling deprived, older sibling leaves home and has adventures, meeting Blackhorse in the woods.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Girl and Her Life:
Ch. 2 The Wanting had to stop
Ch. 3 What happened to Me?
Ch. 4 Time to Plan
Ch. 5 We Need To Get Out of Here, Now!
Ch. 6 Three Girls on the Move.
Ch. 7 Making it Home after a Journey.


Sunaynap Sunday, 17 July 2011
I love this story. It's very straight forward.
SJ Sunday, 20 June 2010
I love your story. You have a wonderful ability to develop your characters and make your story come alive. Your story tugged at my heartstrings. Can't wait to read more of your work!!!!
Thanks for sharing,

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