Teardrops & Stars
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Monday, 10 May 2010
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(4 ratings)
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Derek and Nate have been together for a few months now, with no signs of slowing down. They're amazing with each other and Derek couldn't ask for a better life with Nate around. Beats getting beaten.
American Idol has their last season and Derek joins in with some of his glee mates and gets in! With the distance between L.A. and Boston, Derek gets uneasy, Nate reassures him of of course. Nothing will ever break them apart.
Or so they thought.
Derek's in quite a pickle here if Nate ever finds out about...


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Another Normal Day
Ch. 2 Mash It Up
Ch. 3 My Kisses Don't Lie
Ch. 4 Just a Dream
Ch. 5 Shane and Andrew
Ch. 6 Fat Derek
Ch. 7 Kisses That Shut Me Up
Ch. 8 Have No Fear, Cupcake Boy is Here
Ch. 9 Keep Calm and Sing Your Heart Out
Ch. 10 Keep Calm and Have Loving Goodbye Sex
Ch. 11 Lots of Goobyes
Ch. 12 Kick His Crotch, Damn It!
Ch. 13 Holy Shit I'm On T.V.
Ch. 14 Oh Joy!
Ch. 15 About That Kiss...
Ch. 16 Two of Them?!
Ch. 17 Going Out
Ch. 18 Cheater.
Ch. 19 Guilty
Ch. 20 Goodbyes and Number One Fans
Ch. 21 Top 24
Ch. 22 Hot Flashes While Recording
Ch. 23 Prynce_92
Ch. 24 A Short Nightmare of the First Boyfriend
Ch. 25 It Was Just a Kiss, It Was Only a Kiss
Ch. 26 The Anniversary
Ch. 27 Blasphemy
Ch. 28 Wake Up in the Morning Feelin' Like Bella Swan (New Moon Edition)
Ch. 29 Lying on the Ground, at Night
Ch. 30 Hello, Goodbye
Ch. 31 In The Sea of People...
Ch. 32 8 Weeks Later.
Ch. 33 Don't Make Someone Your Everything, Because if You Lose Them You Have Nothing
Ch. 34 Another You, Another Me, Another Now
Ch. 35 Epilogue: A Fine Farewell


KitKat =) Wednesday, 5 October 2011
I love this book!
Hailey Sikes Saturday, 8 January 2011
I like it so far.
Agirl136 Monday, 6 September 2010
Good story =) i like it so far
Jaye Wednesday, 9 June 2010
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Please write more!!!!

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