Final Future
GenreFantasy / Humour
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 5 May 2010
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In the land of Gian, there was only fighting and rulings beyond the throne. When the two continents are threatened, only one can stand and teach others the lost art of sorcery. However, five has been choosen to have unbelievable power. Can they harness this lost power and drive others to fight for their homes, only one way to find out.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Dream
Ch. 2 Lost Art of Sorcery
Ch. 3 Mistaken Intentions
Ch. 4 The Magical Duo
Ch. 5 Impossible Odds
Ch. 6 The Emperor's Promise
Ch. 7 Dangerous pets
Ch. 8 House in the forest
Ch. 9 Pang Vong and the Amulet
Ch. 10 Hybrid in the shadows
Ch. 11 Hunting for two
Ch. 12 Demonic Bounty
Ch. 13 Discovery
Ch. 14 False theif and trouble
Ch. 15 Invasion
Ch. 16 Spectral Lobo
Ch. 17 Mercer's Ultimate Torture
Ch. 18 Fire proofed house?
Ch. 19 Vacation Time!
Ch. 20 Logan and Zhen
Ch. 21 Fusion, the impossible technique
Ch. 22 Gan Xing's new friend
Ch. 23 Fighter guild's Assassin
Ch. 24 First Flight
Ch. 25 An orc double battle
Ch. 26 Logan versus Brock conclusion
Ch. 27 Last two spirit five
Ch. 28 Last of it's kind falls
Ch. 29 Flashback
Ch. 30 Awakening
Ch. 31 Jealousy brews super trouble
Ch. 32 First Aura Overload
Ch. 33 Makeshift Airship
Ch. 34 Logan's power is stolen!
Ch. 35 Royal pains
Ch. 36 Rika's fun time
Ch. 37 Royally Spirit Five trouble
Ch. 38 Rescue the queen of Hai Bei
Ch. 39 Shindomaru and Rika move in
Ch. 40 Double Surprise Party
Ch. 41 Logan's other self?
Ch. 42 Zhen 's determination
Ch. 43 The will to fight
Ch. 44 What Seoshi wants
Ch. 45 Who is Pang Vong?
Ch. 46 Mercer and Zhen
Ch. 47 Haruka's fight
Ch. 48 Stalker problems
Ch. 49 Beach Fight
Ch. 50 Nightmarish Events


Jake Connors Wednesday, 4 June 2014
I really liked this story:) great job with style of writing to make this story. I hope you could check out my stuff like my Airegoth one if you like to read fantasy. I hope you can give me your opinion or advice of so far what i got.:)
David Jae Monday, 3 March 2014
A grand idea for a story that is let down by the execution. Your dialogue is poor and there is not enough tension. Mercer is an interesting character, more so than Logan. This idea has promise, but it falls short of it.
casey32117 Thursday, 19 January 2012
I think you need to throw out half you dialog, tighten up the pacing and maybe the whole "Dragon Ball Z" feeling will recede. Don't get me wrong, it is an impressive effort. I believe you have the the gumption to rewrite it. And remember, most of the art of writing is Rewriting!
casey32117 Thursday, 19 January 2012
You should consider more action words, less exposition. Also, the setting (environment) could be better served.
casey32117 Thursday, 19 January 2012
Im bored, said a 20 year old Shakti (a humanoid lizard race) male with many spikes running down the back of his head, as he walked in circles. - Perhaps if your characters had more action, and you allowed the reader to arrive at an idea of what the character is from description, instead of labeling him a lizard? i.e.- The Shakti paced restlessly within the small confines of the too small cell he was forced to share. The bare glimmer of light glimmered off the fine scales the covered his dry, smooth skin. Also... are you telling me that he has a nightmare and then TWO YEARS later something related to it comes to pass?

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