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GenrePoetry / Young Adult
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 2 May 2010
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I occasionally have a spur of the moment poem thought thing, sure they aren't the best, and they may suck at times, but you know. *shrugs*


List of chapters

Ch. 1 So Lost
Ch. 2 So What, Guess What
Ch. 3 Found
Ch. 4 I'm Just Tired?
Ch. 5 Fish On A Hook
Ch. 6 Snap!
Ch. 7 Sparkly Blue Ribbon
Ch. 8 Missing You
Ch. 9 Betrayed And Broken
Ch. 10 Crying
Ch. 11 What If...
Ch. 12 Leave Me
Ch. 13 Nonsense Ramble
Ch. 14 I Love You...
Ch. 15 Heart Of Ice!
Ch. 16 Pure Hate
Ch. 17 Third Times A Charm
Ch. 18 Suicide
Ch. 19 This Love
Ch. 20 "You're Too Young"
Ch. 21 "Okay"?
Ch. 22 Do You Love Me?
Ch. 23 "I'm Just A Friend"
Ch. 24 A Drunken Monster
Ch. 25 Need To Get Away
Ch. 26 What Changed Baby?
Ch. 27 My Prince Charming
Ch. 28 Save Me Please?!
Ch. 29 Nonsense Ramble (2)
Ch. 30 Lost In The World
Ch. 31 Loosing Another One
Ch. 32 A Girl And Her Pony
Ch. 33 All Alone
Ch. 34 Him...
Ch. 35 If Only Life Weren't So Hard
Ch. 36 Love Flooded Heart
Ch. 37 Your Golden Chain
Ch. 38 "My" Teenage Boy
Ch. 39 My Teenage Girl
Ch. 40 The End
Ch. 41 Rape By Day...Death By Night
Ch. 42 Forest Of Flowers
Ch. 43 I'm Imaging...
Ch. 44 My Worthless "Sister"
Ch. 45 Sick
Ch. 46 O.M.G!!!
Ch. 48 Emotions...
Ch. 49 Help!
Ch. 50 Gimme A Point
Ch. 51 Mother
Ch. 52 Sorry(Nonsense Ramble 3-Sorta)
Ch. 53 Stupid Mistake
Ch. 54 I'm Not Worth It
Ch. 55 Nonsense Ramble (4)
Ch. 56 Let Me Be A Kid!
Ch. 57 Dead Soul
Ch. 58 A Dead Soul And Stolen Heart
Ch. 59 My Beautiful Boy Sox... <3<3<3
Ch. 60 Better Then The Rest
Ch. 61 Xx...Bunny...xX
Ch. 62 Random...
Ch. 63 Gone...
Ch. 64 Is You
Ch. 65 Count To Ten
Ch. 66 My Love Is True!!
Ch. 67 Whore, Slut, Bitch
Ch. 68 Nonsense Ramble (5)
Ch. 69 Nonsense Ramble (6)
Ch. 70 A Bad Dream
Ch. 71 "No!"
Ch. 72 Second Chance?
Ch. 73 Where's Your Daddy?
Ch. 74 My Friend?
Ch. 75 Broken Heart Beat
Ch. 76 Wild Spirit
Ch. 77 What's The Truth?
Ch. 78 Nonse Ramble (7)
Ch. 79 FML!!!
Ch. 80 Sam-Knox
Ch. 81 Ugly
Ch. 82 So Unique
Ch. 83 Giving Up,, Giving In
Ch. 84 Me And You Forever Baby
Ch. 85 What Was I Thinking??
Ch. 86 Matthew Marshall...
Ch. 87 Is You..
Ch. 88 Mr. Hamster
Ch. 89 You And Me
Ch. 90 When The World Turns
Ch. 91 What Will Happen??
Ch. 92 My Life Is Over...
Ch. 93 Past, Present, Future
Ch. 94 That Could Never Be Me
Ch. 95 Lifeless
Ch. 96 Finally Found
Ch. 97 Fading Away


B.N.F Monday, 23 May 2016
Loved this poem! Great job!
Mi Wang Thursday, 27 November 2014
I could feel the emotion in this one pretty vividly, and I love the form you wrote it in! Great job! ^3^
Lexx__ Saturday, 25 January 2014
Attention grabbing, twisting, gets one thinking.
Rocky Rochford Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Wow, so very beautifully put, such heartfeltwork. You have a way with words, any chance you could check out my book of poetry and give me some pointers perhaps.

My book is: The Life of Little Boy Death
Katrina Brady/spirit Tuesday, 5 March 2013
I really like this poem, it has such raw emotion!

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