France and its Poets: Middle Ages to the 19th Century
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Submitted:Friday, 19 December 2008
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This anthology opens the door to a new understanding of the history and development of poetry in France. Though language and style were quite coarse and tenuous at first, like the butterfly coming out of its chrysalis, French poetry languorously unfolded its beauties through the centuries. Superbly emerging with Ronsard in the Renaissance, it reached its apogee with Lamartine, Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Verlaine, and Rimbaud, the illustrious Romantics of the 19th Century.
By using the present tense in her narration, the author invites the readers on the scene; they voyage through the centuries, feel Cassandreís skin soft as a rose petal, dance with Ronsardís muses and weep with him in the Gastine Forest. They sail with Lamartine and Julie on the Bourget Lake. Horrified, they watch the decimation of Napoleonís Grand Army at Waterloo, and join the French Resistance at the call of Verlaineís Autumn Song... These are only few of the numerous stopovers this literary voyage offers.
France and its Poets features stunning portraits and paintings including Claudine Bigautís beautiful watercolours.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Alphonse de Lamartine
Ch. 2 Alfred de Vigny
Ch. 3 Jean-Arthur Rimbaud


paul schoaff Monday, 13 November 2017
quite the academic achievement. Thank you for such fine quality and good fortune follow you as you seek a larger number of viewers!
Gretchen Pepper Friday, 27 June 2014
This seems like a great start to a wonderful undertaking!

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