L E V E L 1
GenreSci-Fi / Adventure
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Tuesday, 27 April 2010
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Sector 7 is a sickening place. Everything that looks real is fake. Including the people. The Mareens, the sector soldiers built to protect you, do the exact opposite. My name is Devin Chants. This will tell you everything you need to know. What everyone needs to know.
After the Apocolypse Revolution, North America was split up into different sectors each containing a compound that shielded the toxins and extreme weather as result from the war. Everyone was evacuated, and life continued. So now I guess you're thinking "Ok so everything's fine and dandy." Wrong. It doesn't stop there. The compound is a humongous building that runs deep underground and is about the size of a city in width. There are no windows. But the most crucial thing you need to know is- Don't forget this. The Elevators. The Elevators are the key. There are elevators that go to each level of the compound. Neighborhood levels, Mall levels, Grocery Store levels.. etc Each level has a code. At least most of them do. There are some levels you can't unlock. Unless you find the right code. There's no way out of the compound. Except the Main. The Highest Level. The Surface. Find the code. And you'll be able to get pass Level 1.
PS. Hide this before they see. I'll meet you there.


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D.C. Williams Friday, 16 September 2011
This is amazing! Originality for the win! Written beautifully! Please continue this! #Favorited
Jacky K. Tuesday, 4 May 2010
The one thing that stood out to me while reading this is the originality of this story. After a while it gets a bit tiring reading about true love and vampires, high school and other overused topics. Sure, there have been stories along the lines of where this seems to be headed, but so far you have your own original flare to it. This was a nice break, and an intruiguing setting. Well done :)

Wanna check out mine? It's called "The Moon's Lullaby". It's an adventure, too, but definately a different style of adventure than what you've got here. I would really appreciate some constructive critisism :) Thanks in advance, if you get around to it.

Happy writing!
Alyvia Connors Tuesday, 27 April 2010
This idea happens to be...well awesome. I love it already-not to mention it's written beautifully, great jpb! I cant wait to read more

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