One Guy, Too Many Girls
GenreYoung Adult / Drama
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Monday, 26 April 2010
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(7 ratings)
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After the death of one of Savannah's friends, she starts to get depressed. She tries to cope with her depression by taking Nyquil at night and hoping that she will get back together with Carter. She thought she was through with being picked on, but when Carter gets a new girlfriend named Nicole, things change. Andy's acting distant towards her and acting as if nothing had happened regarding towards his girlfriend's death; people are talking about her more than ever, Nicole's friends are giving her a hard time, Nicole's being suspiciously nice to her, and now she's being dubbed as a rumor-spreading, liar. Savannah doesn't know what to do when Erica Nasso, Nicole's best friend, starts criticizing her. Carter and Andy don't believe that Nicole and her friends are actually mean, which makes Savannah even more depressed. Eventually Holly starts to distrust her and Reese and Elisha don't know which side to take. Now Savannah realizes that Nicole and her friends are trying to discredit her reputation. But when Savannah tries to stop it, things get out of hand.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Life Goes On
Ch. 2 Green Eyes
Ch. 3 The Private Talk
Ch. 4 Missing
Ch. 5 Reporters
Ch. 6 School Assembly
Ch. 7 A Cry For Help
Ch. 8 Moving On
Ch. 9 Late To Class
Ch. 10 Don't Hold Your Breath
Ch. 11 Pain Reliever
Ch. 12 The Protective Friend
Ch. 13 I Know What Boys Like
Ch. 14 Nicole
Ch. 15 Suspicion Or Paranoia
Ch. 16 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Ch. 17 Investigation
Ch. 18 How To Choose
Ch. 19 With A Little Help From My Friends
Ch. 20 So Amazed
Ch. 21 Flashbacks
Ch. 22 Good Mourning
Ch. 23 The World As She Knows It
Ch. 24 Ik Wil Niet Dat Je Weggaat
Ch. 25 Another Part Of Me
Ch. 26 Memory Lane
Ch. 27 Relationships
Ch. 28 One More Chance
Ch. 29 Writer's Block
Ch. 30 Kindred Spirit
Ch. 31 Nostalgia
Ch. 32 Stand Up
Ch. 33 Manipulation
Ch. 34 The Right Thing
Ch. 35 Drama
Ch. 36 Forgiveness
Ch. 37 Complications
Ch. 38 Absolute Shocker
Ch. 39 Revelation
Ch. 40 Savannah and Nicole
Ch. 41 Cosmic
Ch. 42 Screwed Up


T.J. Jazz Saturday, 12 October 2013
I've watched my cat die a couple weeks before I started college back in August. She was one of my best friends. This story really hits home. I'll be keeping track of it.
Piper A. Tuesday, 12 March 2013
Wow. This is great! A few errors in formatting, but I will definitley try to get time to continue!!
Double H Thursday, 19 July 2012
Great Book!! But every other romance book I've read has an happy ending except this one but otherwise it was great and really sad!!
askingannamarie Monday, 30 August 2010
And I totally agree with Barbie
askingannamarie Monday, 30 August 2010
That was like an intense book.... But I don't think it should end like that... I felt soooooooooo bad for vanny!! All her frends turned their backs on her. Carter and Andy are douche bags and Nicole is a slut. Personally I wish these people were real so I could kick their asses! I would transfer schools if I were her

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