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Submitted:Monday, 19 April 2010
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Emily Kalemyn wasn't expecting something she wished for to ever happen, especially when she hadn't exactly meant it. But when she finds herself thrown into a new time and place, lost of how she ever got there, her life changes for the good, or maybe even for the worst.

There she meets Jesse, the guy who saves her from the drunken Rodney, and also the guy who tells her she has somehow gone back to 1957. After quickly fainting from shock and waking up in her normal time, she soon becomes curious of how to go back, and after succeeding with the discovery of her jacket's abilities, her whole new life starts. Hanging with Jesse, falling in love, and getting the whole nostalgic experience may seem like a dream, at least until Rodney comes back into the picture, and starts jeopardizing everything Emily has come to love. Not only that, but she soon comes to find that time doesn't like to stay in tact when it's messed with.

And with two things complicating the relationship she's become attached to, the decision of life and love is a lot tougher than she had ever expected.

*(This is now being edited in a whole new story, so if you liked this one, I'd really appriciate it if you checked out the edited one too. Thanks)


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M.A Bowers Thursday, 14 June 2012
The 1957 part reminds me of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. i really like your plot showing that she has problems at home and showing that she had a connectiong with her dad. please keep writing :) will you check out mine? MONKEYBACON
M.A Bowers Thursday, 14 June 2012
i really like this. it has a special writing quality that is found in published books. keep writing :)
637974 Saturday, 9 October 2010
I find this really interesting. Can't wait for more.
637974 Saturday, 9 October 2010
I agree with Capitalletters. It was written very proffesional, especially compared to the wide range of shitty books on this site.
The few parts I think could be fixed up are already pointed out by sincerely; I don't see the point in writing them again.
I find it easy to picture the scene in the story. I'm watching Stephen Kings IT at the same time, so I've got backing music too. If you've seen it, you probably know how freaky the music is.
Good job. It actually is Worthy of Publishing.
Capitalletters Sunday, 11 July 2010
I think this has been written very professionally. It shows you have a lot of talent and a clear passion for writing. I love the atmosphere you set, I wish I could write like you because you convey so much imagery and emotions. I can't wait for more! Well done and keep it up!
Mind reading mine? :)

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