Twin Beeches -- an Illinois Love Story
GenreFiction / Literary Fiction
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Thursday, 11 December 2008
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Many threads weave together to arrive at a frightening conclusion..Martha Jo Gonsalves is a young, single mother with a 3 month old baby. Eddie and Buddy are two escaped criminals who are looking for a place to hide for a few days. Twin Beeches is the matched pair of old houses perched high on a bluff overlooking the Illinois River Valley. Get ready for hidden tunnels, mysterious connections unexpected, deep secrets meant to stay that way, but....

Unfortunately for all of them, they wind up at Twin Beeches at the same time. Within a day, shots shatter a quiet lunch hour and blood is shed. MJ desperately looks for a way out of this, and begins to think about everything she knows about Eddie and Buddy. Can she, somehow, find the key that will save her and her baby's lives?

You'll learn the full background of all these people and more. You'll find out the important part Twin Beeches played in the big mystery of the area, the 50 year disappearance of the town's leading citizen, Ray Farley. You'll also discover that no one, no one is who they seem to be.

Of course, most of the story is just fiction with some details of actual events tossed in for authenticity. People with similar names should be flattered if I portray that character in a favorable light, merely amused if that character took me down a darker path. There is very little resemblance to anyone, living or dead in the particular, only in the aggregate. is a Touch of Rural Justice, the continuation of the Eddie and MJ story.

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List of chapters

Ch. 0 The Setup and the Prologue
Ch. 1 My Roots, Grandpa's Tragic Mistake
Ch. 2 Living in a Camp Ellis House, Mama and Grandma
Ch. 3 My Grandmother, and Mama meets Daddy Joe
Ch. 4 My Mother, Father and Grandmother. Young Love and Tragedy
Ch. 5 Why I Never Met Daddy
Ch. 6 Falsity and Felony; Church for the First Time (R)
Ch. 7 Trying to help Nan
Ch. 8 A child of the street in Woodland Illinois (falling in love with a linotype)
Ch. 9 Ray Farley: Mostly his Strange Story
Ch. 10 Charley and the Coffin Corner Boys
Ch. 11 I meet Eddie and escape with my life...
Ch. 12 Common Sense? What's that? My Big Mistake. (R)
Ch. 13 Facing Facts, 'Fessing up, and Moving On (What was I thinking?)
Ch. 14 I Leave, Sun-Glasses Man Arrives
Ch. 15 Eddie's Story -- He gets Ready to Leave
Ch. 16 Can I make this work? (ex loco parentis, and how!)
Ch. 17 Culture Shock
Ch. 18 More problems for Eddie
Ch. 19 The New Sheriff Negotiates
Ch. 20 Eddie gets ready; Things you Probably Don't Know
Ch. 21 Eddie Tries To Leave
Ch. 22 Justice for Grandma and Mama
Ch. 23 Miller Mr. Moto's
Ch. 24 How Howie became "Who-Ee" is -- Some Family History
Ch. 25 Howie's Ancestral Legacy
Ch. 26 More about Howie and "How-ee" and the Judge became lifelong friends
Ch. 27 Something more about Hounds and Hunters
Ch. 28 Coal Mining : Honest, Hard Living
Ch. 29 Where Howie kept his $$$
Ch. 30 The Tragedy of Jerry Vencil
Ch. 31 Part II of Jerry Vencil Story
Ch. 32 Duplicity and Self-Revelation
Ch. 33 Mama shows me her New Old Houses
Ch. 34 Part II
Ch. 35 Miller receives Guidance from Above
Ch. 36 Arbeit Macht Frei
Ch. 37 My Last Pregnant Day at Lombard
Ch. 38 Time for Old Men to Grow Up
Ch. 39 Life is More and More Complicated
Ch. 40 Finally! Some Action! (R) for language
Ch. 41 Midnight Visitor
Ch. 42 Finding the Escape Hatch
Ch. 43 Taking a Necessary Chance
Ch. 44 Emigration
Ch. 45 Enjoy it while you can...
Ch. 46 A Bad Dream?
Ch. 47 Eddie's Polite Warning
Ch. 48 Just another Workday for David
Ch. 49 The Whirlpool of Fate
Ch. 50 How the Innocent must Suffer
Ch. 51 Blind Luck
Ch. 52 Everything Changes
Ch. 53 Life, and Death
Ch. 54 Resurrection, Redemption and Running
Ch. 55 I Choose to Choose Sides
Ch. 56 That "Day" Comes for Someone
Ch. 57 I Love, He Leaves
Ch. 58 Epilog
Ch. 100 Elegy and Goodbye
Ch. 102 Everyone's comments since first posting


Forever Incomplete Tuesday, 11 September 2018
My previous comment was an experiment of sorts. Apologies. This is actually really good!
Taboo Tales Tuesday, 28 August 2018
paul schoaff Saturday, 18 November 2017
when I write, I try to write down what I would say if I were next to you, telling you the story. How is that different than other authors? Well, you don't usually get a blow by blow account of the dew on the tulips and the ice in the bird bath, the pattern in my shirt or the exact shape of the salt shaker.
Phillip O'Sullivan Friday, 2 December 2016
Mmmmm, wonder about this. What am I to think? Structure? Pace? Beats? High points and low- cliff hangers?
paul schoaff Saturday, 18 June 2016
after so many years, I am still emotionally grateful for so many compliments. To KNOW that someone has read and enjoyed is all the compense any writer should ever want. For just a dollar or two, both the Eddie and MJ books are available on Amazon and other venues.

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