The Burning and Frozen Moments of our hearts
GenrePoetry / Short Stories
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Friday, 16 April 2010
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rock genre soft hard metal hardcore


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Was it love or was it Lust?
Ch. 2 You and Me
Ch. 3 Dead in the Water Tide,
Ch. 4 If i can be Romeo Why cant you be Juliet
Ch. 5 Petals, Thorns, Whats Left?
Ch. 6 Into the Darkness
Ch. 7 The Front Door is a metaphor
Ch. 8 Girl, Your enough
Ch. 9 I Hope you burn in hell
Ch. 10 Shattered Mirrors
Ch. 11 Verge Of Breakdown
Ch. 13 :D :( :x :((
Ch. 14 Two Lost Souls
Ch. 15 A Tragic Ending
Ch. 16 I hope you trip and fall so i can come running to suck the poison out.
Ch. 17 Loving you is a poison
Ch. 18 He loves you not, But i still do
Ch. 19 Evil Soul of a Fallen Angel
Ch. 20 Rumbling Thunder
Ch. 21 Everything to me
Ch. 22 Forgive and Jump
Ch. 23 Pain
Ch. 24 Lightening
Ch. 25 Spend my Life with You
Ch. 26 He has her heart, but mines still calls out to her
Ch. 27 Denial
Ch. 28 Beautiful
Ch. 29 Heaven or Hell, Choice is yours
Ch. 30 Cracked Mirror in the apartment
Ch. 32 The Clouds of You
Ch. 33 Friendship and nothing more
Ch. 34 Passion and Words depend on the love of my life
Ch. 35 Sick of this relationship
Ch. 36 Run Away
Ch. 37 Breathe Hope Into Me
Ch. 38 How can I move ON
Ch. 39 Who i am isnt good enough
Ch. 40 True Love
Ch. 41 weeks
Ch. 42 Calling to you, but you never answer back
Ch. 43 My Guardian Angel
Ch. 44 You are the Only thing that matters to me
Ch. 45 EverLasting
Ch. 46 Comparing Nature to You
Ch. 47 Holiday Seasons come and go, but i want you to stay forever
Ch. 49 Obsession
Ch. 51 Title
Ch. 52 Broken Love
Ch. 54 The one time True love failed
Ch. 55 Heartless
Ch. 56 Ignorance of Love
Ch. 57 Every Light
Ch. 58 Mistakes
Ch. 60 Sight of consciouness
Ch. 61 Heart replaced with Darkness
Ch. 62 Lightness Vs Darkness
Ch. 63 True love, but fights
Ch. 64 frozen memories in time
Ch. 66 i can see you in my future
Ch. 67 Hope you the best
Ch. 68 the demon has my soul again
Ch. 69 going up or going Down
Ch. 70 The Beauty of the Night
Ch. 71 forever
Ch. 72 Frozen Heart
Ch. 73 Merging Hearts
Ch. 74 Calling
Ch. 75 Just be mine
Ch. 76 Untitled
Ch. 78 Waiting for You
Ch. 79 All Alone
Ch. 80 Broken
Ch. 81 The Golden Ages
Ch. 82 Next To Me
Ch. 83 You and Me Me and You
Ch. 84 Emotional letdown
Ch. 85 Galaxy
Ch. 86 Frozen in The Past
Ch. 87 Untitled


Angee Wednesday, 16 July 2014
I really like this one!
Shannon-Judy Monday, 25 November 2013
Loved first and third chapter!!
H.D. Armstrong Monday, 8 July 2013
authorKC Tuesday, 12 March 2013
that's really good! i loved it. If you'd you like check out one of my books...
Observation City
Kristy Claiborne Friday, 1 February 2013

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