The Soul's Song
GenreDrama / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Friday, 9 April 2010
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Dimitri always thought he had a rough life. With him being the oldest, his parents have high expectations for him to attend Harvard the following year, friends having girl problems, and teachers bugging him about his AP class grades. Then he met Juliet.

Juliet has more issues in her life than she can even count with the fact that she is blind. She had her life completely planned out, ready for anything that got into her path until she lost her sight, causing her to loser her drive to play piano, a gifted talent she had when she was young, playing for years.

After her accident, Juliet stopped playing. When Dimitri enters her life, he has hopes of getting her to play again, and he hopes to see things through her eyes.

*Note: This is a co-written book. I am writing this with my good friend, Adorkable. If you see the same book on her profile, you now know why. Enjoy!*


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue
Ch. 1 Chapter One
Ch. 2 Chapter Two
Ch. 3 Chapter Three
Ch. 4 Chapter Four
Ch. 5 Chapter Five


Hollystar1011 Monday, 9 May 2011
please post more. this is amazing.
♥, Emily Monday, 3 May 2010
Yay I can't wait for more!
JellyMuffin Monday, 26 April 2010
I love this! Please write more :)))
♥Lexxi Kay Monday, 19 April 2010
I love it still! I keep switching from reading it here and on Joy's page. Lol. See finally tells Dimitri her story. Yay!
Avalon Maya. Thursday, 15 April 2010
Aw poor thing! I hope she gets better,,, not as afraid.

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