A Forbidden Love
GenreRomance / Adventure
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Sunday, 4 April 2010
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Katelyn Anderson: a 17 year-old girl who moved from Chicago to Evergreen after her father's sudden death and problems at school. She goes there and meets...

Luke Mason: an 18 year-old football star at Evergreen High School who just wants school to end, so he can fulfill his fate given to him at birth- being a Protector for Princess Katelyn, who he soon finds out is in the area.

Soon, things heat up when they meet, and after a series of events that are related to both of them, they break the one rule in the Coven (the secret society of "mythical" creatures) - a Protector and a Prince/Princess cannot have a relationship with each other, for it may be dangerous to one or the other.

As the two grow closer together, a war with Black Magic wages onward, threatening the one Luke cares about most in his life.

Luke and Katelyn fight to keep their love strong in "A Forbidden Love."


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Acknowledgements
Ch. 2 Preface: Katelyn
Ch. 3 Chapter 1: Katelyn
Ch. 4 Preface: Luke
Ch. 5 Chapter 1: Luke
Ch. 6 Chapter 2: Katelyn
Ch. 7 Chapter 2: Luke
Ch. 8 Chapter 3: Katelyn
Ch. 9 Chapter 3: Luke
Ch. 10 Chapter 4: Katelyn
Ch. 11 Chapter 4: Luke
Ch. 12 Chapter 5: Katelyn
Ch. 13 Chapter 5: Luke
Ch. 14 Chapter 6: Katelyn
Ch. 15 Chapter 6: Luke
Ch. 16 Chapter 7: Katelyn
Ch. 17 Chapter 7: Luke
Ch. 18 Chapter 8: Katelyn
Ch. 19 Chapter 8: Luke
Ch. 20 Chapter 9: Katelyn
Ch. 21 Chapter 9: Luke
Ch. 22 Chapter 10: Katelyn
Ch. 23 Chapter 10: Luke
Ch. 24 Chapter 11: Katelyn
Ch. 25 Chapter 11: Luke
Ch. 26 Chapter 12: Katelyn
Ch. 27 Chapter 12: Luke
Ch. 28 Chapter 13: Katelyn
Ch. 29 Chapter 13: Luke
Ch. 30 Chapter 14: Katelyn
Ch. 31 Chapter 14: Luke


CeDany Tuesday, 3 February 2015
I enjoyed the wee bit I read - just like the author of this book - I'm very busy - I read more at night once things are quiet - night owl - smile!

I'll definitely be back to read more!

Cari_Angelica Friday, 2 May 2014
I really love the story, and you are such a great writer! I've been also writing since childhood! Keep up with good work!
Paige Starkey Tuesday, 4 February 2014
i like this story it has a lot of great details. Thanks for sharing such a great story :)
FlamingSnowflake Friday, 11 January 2013
:D Awesome job thank you for this..its just the kind of thing i love to read!
Taff Wednesday, 15 August 2012

that's all I've got to say...


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