Nadia Lino
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Country: United Kingdom

Heya, i'll tell you now most likely this description of myself is going to change soon but for now...
I love writing even though i'm not in the highest set for english in my class yet. I'm fighting my way to the top.
I like reading and so far my fave authors are; becca fitzpatrick;
maggie stiefvater and P.c and kristin cast. I'll admit I did like Stephanie Meyer at one point too, but unlike her other other twilight fans i did enjoy her book the host too.
I'm looking forward to reading;
If i stay by gayle forman, Withering tights, wicked lovely, fallen and kissed by an angel.
I'm telling you what I read because I believe what someone reads or listen to can tell a lot about the person. I'm a music person too and I proudly accepted a music award recently but musics not my thing - I just listen to it. Period.
I was brought up and born in England but am a tanned colour with black brown hair wich pretty randomly reflects of red in the sunlight due to being an African, Russian, Portugeese, Ukrainian mixture. My hair waves and spirals wich would be nice if it didn't frizz with slight whether changes.
I'm 13 years of age and am hopeing to become an editor when i'm older for either elle or vogue. It will be hard but personally I think, i'm already there...