Julia R. West
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Country: United States

Hey there! I'm Julia. I'm thirteen years old, and live in Wisconsin. Not everyone here is a farmer! I'm not! (although I do enjoy a good corn chucking on a rootin' tootin' July afternoon! haha) Don't listen when people make fun of Wisconsin! When I'm not writing, I'm at the pool training, acting in plays, or in my basement behind a drumset :). My favorite books include: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Inkheart (and sequels), Eragon, Artemis Fowl, The Hunger Games, and many more, which I don't want to take the time to name (I'd be here all day!).

Reading (duh)
Writing (duh numero dos)
Rainy Days (they're so inspiring, don't you agree?)
WoP! (if you don't like WoP, then why are you here?)
Music (The Beatles, The Fray, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, OneRepublic, Daughtry, Paramore, Owl City....)
Dogs (Woof!)
Dark Chocolate (Take a ride on the dark side...)
Swimming (Olympics, here I come!)
Things that are purple (it's just a rocking color)
Diving (yeah! it's a sport!)
Playing Drums (I'm in the band at my school for drum set)
Playing Piano
Complicated Board games (the kind that say 12+ but i played them when I was 8!)
Spying *evil laugh* (who doesn't love it?)
Parentheses ((((((can't you tell?))))))
LIFE!!! (it's a board game. that's real.)

Rap Music (yeah, yeah, you can talk fast. Big deal.)Mean People (They're like an infestation)
Running (Can I stop now??? Just one...*gasp for air* more...lap! *collapses due to fake asthma attack*)
Spiders (OMG! Kill it!)
Romance novels (I love you! I love you, too! End of story)
Chocolate Ice cream (I can't get over the color)
Anything pink (it's not a natural color...)
BEES!!!!! (just sting me and get it over with, man!)
Mosquitos (They suck. Literally)
Hot Weather (sweating isn't lady-like!)
Motorcycles (they're too loud!)
People who feel compelled to drop the f bomb every other word. (no f'n comment)

Being happy doesn't mean life is perfect; It simply means you have learned to see past the imperfections. Being happy is not having what you want; it's wanting what you have.

Life is the art of drawing with no eraser.

Don't cry because it's over; Smile because it happened.

A person can fall many times, but they won't be a failure until they say that someone pushed them.
(that's my favorite)

List of books

A collection of poetry I wrote, 2008-2010.
Being hated isnít something you do intentionally TO make a name for yourself; itís something that happens incidentally AS you make a name for yourself. And I've made quite a big name for myself.
Poetry by me =P
Poetry for my best friend.
My latest poetry, especially for the Autumn season!
Twin 16 year olds King and Reno Royals must face a life they accidentally created for themselves. One they wish they never had to be a part of...
"Punishable by death," declares the judge. "Is there any other way?" I plead. There's silence while he thinks. "You find them and you kill them. Succeed and your charges are void. Fail and you die."
Short stories for when I'm low on inspiration...
Short Stories