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My name is Megan, and I guess I'm kind of a dork. But, I am a happy dork:)

I have a few close friends, most of them being weird and dorky, like myself. But we have an awesome time together and I really don't care. My best friend, Jesse, we're kind of alike when it comes to writing and books. We're actually working on one now, although we haven't updated in a while, called Loves War.

I'm a strong beleiver in God, although I have nothing against people with different religions. I don't hold grudges against people that are a different race, sexuality, or background. I have a diveristy of different people I hang out with, and I think that's the best way.

And as you can probably guess from the books I'm writing, I love vampires. It all started with the Twilight books and kind of worked its way up from Vampire Diaries to Vampire Academy and so yep, I'm really dorky and nerdy.

As far as careers go, I want to be a Nurse. Some of the reasons are personal but the most important one would be the love I have for helping people. I also have taken babysitting jobs over the summer, and I may even put the money up for college...or a car:P

Anyways, the past three years my academic career has made me very proud. I've managed to keep up my grades and have made A's and B's, also having a few rewards. So, its the best I've been in a long time.

I'm now in high school now! I absolutely love the freedom that they are privileging us with. So far, I've kept my grades up and have held my head high. Juggling Spanish with my other classes is a little difficult but hey--have to think about the future right? I love Spanish, actually it's quite fun. Although, I don't appreciate the extra homework. Less time to write, but I promise to update as much as I can!:)

I have this huge goal in my life. After college, I want to focus on my career, and get a nice house, and under no circumstances, am I leaving without my dog:) From there, I want to get married but the thought terrifies me. People don't last long like they use to, and I've seen love turn out bad instead of good. So, for that...I'm really not sure. But if it does work out, I want three kids. (Twins is a dream to me, and they skip a generation, so I might actually have them!:) And then, when things in my life are calming down, I want to go back to college and become a doctor.

Okay, that's a little bit about me. Ask questions about my books if you'd like! Thanks for the comments and the ratings and KEEP READING!

List of books

When your boyfriend is a vampire everything is dangerous. Even the love you share.
Young Adult
Aria, an 18 year old girl, along with her brother Mason, must team together with a sworn enemy. This enemy's very race is the cause of their parents tragic death.
Young Adult