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I've enjoyed writing for a long time. I have a couple of stories that I have finished and a bunch I havent, but will gladly share them. I personally hate my own writing, but others seem to enjoy it, so happy reading :) I think I've become a little rusty because its becoming harder to write, so I apologize if my stories arent updated too often. But, feel free to shoot me a message for reading suggestions, crticism, or just to chat and I'llalways reply :D

List of books

Lumex is only trying to get through life alive. It isnt as easy anymore.
Remember when we were young? Those times when nobody cared? Remember how we loved? Our hearts burst into flames? Remember my name? The one I have replaced? Remember the kisses? That I long for today?
Roxy is the reincarnation of one of the Four Beauties of China. Protected by Azrael, nobody can harm her. But what if her guardian is the one doing all the damage?
Young Adult
There is one secret in Charlie's life that nobody can know of. When her new best friend learns it, they must put their talents together to prevent a masked threat from stealing their souls.
Young Adult
Vampires and hunters dont mix. Ever. The Royals wont allow it. Dia is in trouble.
Young Adult
When Haven was younger, something changed his life. He was given a pair of wings and mask to vanquish the world's demons.
A young servant hides behind the curtains to prevent a punishment. Now paranoia takes over him because of what he saw that day. There is not escape.
Who is the one that haunts our dreams and lets us cry into slumber?