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I'm Courtney (:
I am sixteen years young.
I live in a land of corn.
(We're off to see the Wizard...)

There's a ton of things about me. I seriously doubt I can fit it all in this little box?
But i'll just list the basics.

Music of Choice -[Alternative Rock, Rock, Classical.] (I know those are polar opposites, but hey, it's what the heart yearns for.)

T.V Show - [Adventure Time. Avatar - The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. Pokemon.] (Immma nerd :3)

Yeah...I'm bored with this...If you want to know me, then talk to me, or read my stories! :D

List of books

I wrote on a piece of paper, & slid it over to Kane; hoping the Wall didn't see me. Even though I knew he gave up, I hadn't, & I was going to make it known that I was against The Wynd, no matter what.
Conflict for Love. A common theme, common element, common occurance. But is it so common, when the person you love Isn't Human?