Niko Bane
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Hi, I'm Niko. My prime genre is fantasy/adventure. I have many projects and I think none are finished. Lightning in A Jar I'm ceasing work on, and I'm putting all my work into Tyrant Rising. Expect book 3 (Light of Rhyind) to be completed eventually.

Besides that, I'm working on Mystic Tale, which combines Norse and Greek mythology. I won't go into it to much, but it's coming out very good. I'll post three chapters up as preview, until I finish the first book when then I'll make it fully live. I'm planning ten novels in Mystic Tale series, and seven for Tyrant Rising.

I have many more budding ideas but I'm trying to stay loyal to TR. So don't expect chapters of brand new books up any time soon, not until the Chaos Lords are defeated!

Well, thank you for reading my long description. Read a book from below, and please leave feedback. I love reading it and it helps me get better. =D

List of books

Niet has barely survived the battle of Euophia, and this is only the beginning. The Dragon's wings are shadowing the world, and the flames are dimming.
Matthew Lane finally giving up on life, he goes to commit suicide.
The end is coming, as the blade of chaos has been found and the eight chaos lords have returned.
Matthew Lane returns in this action packed adventure to defeat the titans. But will he survive?
The third novel in Niko Bane's epic fantasy series Tyrant Rising, set in Azuran. Niet has finally overcome Drakien, but at what costs?
The ship, wandering angel, finds a portal going to the world, Orophin.
Matthew Lane, now 25, finally gets his call. He must find the 12 demigods, solve the cracks in time, and much more.