Delphinia Fuller
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Country: Canada

I have been writing most of my life. In highschool I wrote briefly for two local newspapers, and at one point had my own column with one of them. My love is fiction. I can go to very dark places with my character's and stories. I have been told on occasion that my writing is disturbing. I get ideas from everything, dreams, internet articles, people I have met. the mental health field (I am a frontline worker in mental health) so that offers a lot insight into things going on around me, and the workings of the human mind. I have issues with grammer, punctuation and description (either too descriptive or not descriptive enough) I am a procrastinator, work full time and have a little girl who's the love of my life so my chapters may not be posted as often as I would like.

I have posted but took it down to see if I could improve it, with the suggestions of the people who actually read it in mind. I welcome and value all feedback and constructive criticism. and will do my best to do the same for other people.
Do not be afraid to call me on my errors because that is how I learn, just do so honestly and tastefully.
I don't often allow people to read my work as I'm very shy, and not at all confidant.

I hate writing about myself so I'm going to stop here if you have any questions or comments or anything else you want to know about me just ask.

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Sometimes you don't get to choose your path in life, but you can choose how you walk it.