Godfrey Raphael
Member since Thursday, 22 July 2010
Country: Philippines

I like to write.

This is the list of my projects:

1. Liberators
2. Downfall
3. First Strike
4. Respublika!
5. Fighting Land
6. Deep Space
7. Spy Circus
8. Q-Ship
9. Freedom Papers
10. Modern Magic (or Military Magic, also undecided yet)

List of books

The Republic of Krakozhia has lost two of its provinces. Now it's ready to take them back. Book One of the Liberators series.
Max Panaquer has to go back to his country to deal with his father's impending death. His decision could very well change the fate of an entire nation.
What really happened in Operation Charybdis? Was Mason following the Soviets' agenda or his own? This story aims to tell all that.