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hi, im Scarlette. as you all know i love to write. ive been doing it ever since i was little and i plan to make a career out of it. although compliments are nice when writting a book, i love constructive critsium. i love to be informed on what im doing wrong so i dont make a complete idiot of myself. i know the grammar is a bit messy, i dont need to be constanly informed of that. i would like critsium on just my writting, meaning only comments that will improve my story. i love fans and i would really love to make my books ultra popular. espeacily 'Love charms' and 'Dont Go.' try checking them out. in my opinion, they are quite good, but how are they in your opinion? please leave rattings and lots of comments!

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What if you knew you you loved someone, but you felt like everything in the world was keeping you apart? Like i always say, love is like a shooting star, its gone almost as fast as it came.
Young Adult
Juliett is New to school. she has bright blue irises, bright pink lips, pale skin & long jet black hair.
Marley is just a small town girl,livin in a lonely world,Lucas is just a city boy,born and raisaed in south detroit,they took the midnight train goin anywhere.