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Hiya! I'm 14 years old (Almost 15)
My friends call me Nikki
I guess I would be consider more or a Rocker kind of gal
Most of my friends are guys, cause girls annoy me in general
And I write for fun, I'm not trying to impress anyone but myself.
FunFact: I've been to 9 concerts in my life
Fun Fact:My hair has been all kinds of colors, my friends think its gonna fall out, but it hasn't, so in their faces!
Fun Fact:I live in a little town called nowhere...
Message me if you have any questions, ETC.
Right now I'm working on Silent Breeze! And Love Sickness!
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List of books

Who Would have thought this would happen to me? Aparently, Keenan, Dad, and Johnny had no idea. But I wouldn't say the same for Iggy.
Nate was the first to tell me but I didn't believe him. Atleast, not until I heard it from the devil's mouth. Maybe I'll run away...
When Dawn watches her mom and dad fight, she runs, and when the one person isn't there to catch her, she find something that can make all those problems go away.
This is all a game. Just one wrong move, and it may be my last.
Iris is deaf, what if she wants to keep it her own dirty secert?
One day... I'll marry him. But I can't promse him the next.