Garth J Elliott
Member since Saturday, 28 June 2008
Country: Australia

I have been writing for several years. I'm currently working on 2 novels - one in English and another in Afrikaans.

I am wrote and produced a 38-episode machinima (animation films using computer games) series.

Visit my website (garthjelliott dot com) for more information about my writing.

List of books

Crashed on an unknown planet with little hope of survival, one man's ambition is all that stands in the way of the survivors' rescue. Or is it?
Humans have made contact with a superior alien race. Earth's survival is in the balance as those within both governments doubt the other's peaceful intentions.
Danny McIntyre made the most difficult choice of his life. Even more difficult is dealing with the consequences of that decision and living with that choice for the rest of his life.