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i have one book on here and that wont change its how i keep up with yals books

i might have another one through out the year but that just for me to figure out my life its easiest to write it out then to sit there and think

i love to read and i fell inlove with this site as soon as i read the books

im trying to make friends through this even though all i do is fall inlove with your books im a great person to talk to

simple facts:

my name is rebecca
nick name is becky
i have two bestfriends ashley and ciara (cc)
i am a freshmen
i live in florida
i love it here
my penn name is from a inside joke between me and my bestfriends
lastly i want to get to know the authors of the books i read so message me :)

List of books

if you are a author and would like me to read your books i will and i will tell you if it catches my eye