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Hi..... :) im 14 a year ole Floridian and consider myself to obessed with reading. i even put it over school most of the times which has to mean something lol.

IM a christmas baby..wooottt for the christmas babys lol.... and yes i get both birthday presents and christmas presents te ssame day isn't awesome

ive been writing for about three to four years now and i can't believe i just discover this wonderful unbelievable site the other from a yahoo question...can you believe it :-o.

and i hate that i have to start high school a freshman in the all i go from being in the 8th grade(which is like being senior in middle school) to having to go back to bottom of the dang food chain :( ill be a senoir again in four years T_T

MY FAVORITE WRITERS:Cassandra Clare, K.C Kast and her daughter, Becca Fitzpactrick, Marlene Perez,Maggie Stiefvater,Heather Brewer, Linda joy Sngletone,Annette Curtis Klause,Claudia Gabel,and ALOT of writers from this site... how do i remeber these names :-o :-/. lol

THE CITY OF BONES SERIES(i say everyone must read this you'll fall in lovewith it) VS HUSH HUSH SERIES VS THE WOLVES OR MECY FALLS VS THE CHRONICALS OF VLADIMIRE TOD (seriously ive never seen so many vs in once sentence or was it a senctence idk don't judge me lol)

My writing style contains mostly, Fantasy, romance, or history fiction(yup what a stunner)

I hate when people say that all aurthors are writers that's like saying every celebrity that put out a PUBLISHED book for money is a true writer which i doubt google times :)
True Writing to me is what a person loves to do rather than do anything else. There's no wrong or right grammer in true writting but theres always emotion and improvement in true writting. and im glad to say that EVERY (YEA EVERY) single book on this site has proved it even more what true writing is and what a true writer is even though alot aren't finish (not calling names lol) there's character in the book which makes alot of thoese readers out there read it any way right and that's because of the emotion put in the piece :)
wow,that was long |

i hope i didn't bore you with a mini life story

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Emma has a boyfriend she never loved. Two crying best friends...A new best friend...and a stocker?...