Isabel Rod
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HI! Yay you're looking at my page/profile.V Look down there.

I'm only 14,but I cuss in my books and write about stuff that's not really my age. That's me,you don't like it? GO AWAY THEN,SHEESH!

Ha ha,I have the most confusing personality in my family and that's because it's usually all over the place. I'm not bi-polar,just really weird.

Please,please,please message me and ask me to read a book or read and comment on mine,I really would love to get a message. I'm all alone on here lately,so its kinda boring,other than reading everybody's' fabulous and some not so fabulous books.(my opinion.)

Msg me. Buh-bye!

P.S: Izobel Rod is merely a pseudonym... :)

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Will Kendall let herself love Isaac? Will Isaac love her back?
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