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Hey, this is Brenna, If you read my stories then please leave comments to help me improve my writing, because i know im not perfect and im always looking for more help :) message me anytime if you need help on any thing or just want to talk:)! I love this website and ive already made friends on here:

Alex C. : i know and have grown to love her over the years, i recommend you read her books:) Shes also the one who introduced me to WOP(:

Love2Read: Shes an amazing girl, and an amazing friend(:

bowlrchik: My best friend in the world, and my sister for a lifetime:) i HIGHLY recommend you read her book, she is ah- mazing:)

I love everyone and will be willing to help anyone with their writing:)

List of books

Bridgette Brooks is trying to survive her last year of high school and deal with the boy delemas, friend problems, and of course.... School in all.
One girls should have listened to the little voice in the back of her head. She went out on a dare to prove a theory wrong. But will she come back?
Young Adult
We had to write this for our class.
Non Fiction
Alexis and her sister, Meghan, are trying to escape their awful life in a hated family. Trying to escape though, may be harder than they think.