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i love writing and reading and hope you all love my work!

List of books

A contest for all you writers out there! It can be about anything but only 100 to 200 words. Winner receives critique on EVERY book they write and they can choose a book to be featured! Send me entry!
Young Adult
When Mandi Morris is murdered at Camp Moonlight, nothing goes right. Her friends are stalked through texts. They cannot escape it, unless they fight it.
Young Adult
What happens when Jesse St. James returns? Rachel will have to choose between him or Finn. Will must confront Carl about Emma, but things don't turn out too pretty. Filled with songs,humour,and drama.
Aria Miller dies on December 14th 2008. She wakes up the next day to learn that she is re-living her last day in order to make everything right. But, can she find her murderer before midnight?
Teenagers are abducted and taken to small dormitories where video cameras wacth their every move. Theres no escape. THEY ARE UNKNOWN.
Short Stories
What happens when your best friend is mudered and her killer begins to stalk you? filled with suspense, horror and drama!