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Hey all,
I'm Emyline. I love to write, and I love to read. You can ask me to read your stories, but I will tell you bluntly if I do get bored with it. I ask you to read my books if you ask me to read yours. I have to say I LOVE comments. They do help me decide on what I want to do with the book. I Love you all and I hope you enjoy my books <3 Emy

P.S. I am home and I am writing a better Version of Mafia Mama (The storyline for my first one didn't make any scence to me) SO I am creating a remake of that, and also a remake of "blood wich" but as I said before I will change the story line since my last one was all over the place. I start my Junior year of high school on the 22nd, so I will make an effort to get chapters up! I hope you guys have a GREAT summer!

List of books

Skye was a normal everyday girl, she loved her parents, and had no problems then one day she ends up in an unfamiliar office little does she know she is now a slave. Will she survive his wrath or die?
Young Adult