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hey guys!

ok so i hate (no offense) when ppl make their pg on here and say 'i luv to read and write.' well duh! thats y u have an account on w.o.p!

haha i luv to say w.o.p and not worthy of publishing cause it makes me feel like i've been using this site forever.

well i really haven't, only a couple a months, but its still kwl.

ok well im rambling on and on so here's stuff about me . . .
....i just turned 14 today (august 26) at 10:10 pm :)
....ideas just sort of come to me. i sometimes get them after i read a book or movie and such. then i put ideas together to form a book :)
....i currently have one book on here, but i'm working on two major ones that i didn't put on the website yet, but might. im also contemplating about starting another one so idk :) nickname: when i was little, i had my three best friends and we used to always go to this place where we saw lots of beavers. we called our selves 'the beaver club'and gave our selves nicknames. i am angeltiger, and my friends are coolcat, babywolf, and roadrunner lol
....i'm a very optimistic girl with dreams of becoming an author and english teacher :) i also luv to draw and cnt live without my ipod :)

enough about me! some authors I recommend on w.o.p are:
parawhore from 1994
stella rose

but all of you writers are awsome, so dont feel let down cause i ddnt put your name!

o ya, and please read and comment on my books! i do accept constructive criticim but I'd also like to hear what you like/dislike about the chapter :)

ok so a message could make a difference so message me! i ddnt hesitate to message my fav author on here and we started talking and we r now friends on facebook and talk about the randomest stuff! so message me, im waiting :)

List of books

When Liz meets Will again after so long, fate brings them closer. But after a turn of events, will love prevail or will they go back to how they used to be- hating and ignoring each other?
Young Adult
Jessy was expecting a carefree summer with no drama. Then she meets Wes, caring, passionate, funny, loving Wes. Is he too good to be true?
Young Adult