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My passion for writing got lost inbetween being a high schooler and growing up and I am currently trying to rekindle it. I have grown a lot as a writer, being that I am now in my twenties and so I thought I would give it another go.
I used to have about 8 books on here that had frequent readers, but I've decided to start fresh as these were just not up to the standards that I am at now. As I was a teenager I'm sure you can imagine the quality of them.
Anyway, I have just recently started writing 'Untouched,' so I will be posting chapter by chapter as they are completed. Any feedback is appreciated and will be reciprocated.

List of books

Yeah :D
Your stuck between two - your 500 year girl friend and a girl you just met ... who do you choose?
Three books in a series, all put into one ... enjoy! Read LONG DESCRIPTION!
Heather meets Oz - the hot mystery guy - with impossible to see coming mood swings. Soon after meeting him, things start getting a little weird..
He's been living behind you for years, he's been living beside you, infront of you and right next to you. He's been living in the place you most wanted to see, but you never saw him there.
Crashing, Burning. Everything is falling apart for Rose - and the thorns are bleeding her alive. Only few will decide if she lives ... or dies.
Romania's Mother thinks the ideal 16th birthday present is to move Romania to America with her big sister. Big no-no.
Young Adult