Stephanie Chung
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Country: Canada

I'm a avid reader and I love writing books. I hope you enjoy my books that I'm going to write. I also wanted to say that my books and all my ideas are copyrighted to me and if you find that someone is copying my idea, please inform me. I am working on my books so far and I really hope I can get a lot of views, comments, and ratings. Thanks!

Please check out my books and if you want, tell me about yours. ;)

I'm also just twelve years old so please don't criticize my work too much. XD

P.S. I have a late birthday and I'm in grade seven.

List of books

When ninth grader Cassidy begins the first day of high school in a new town, she expected a new life and new friends. But with her 224 pound body and an abusive stepfather, she finds that impossible.
Young Adult