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Name: Kirsten
About me:
I am 17 years old and loving it!!
In a amazing relationship with a very beautiful girl named Rachel, I love you so much baby your my world :)
My music consits of metal and screamo and a little bit of rap.
I am what ya call emo and part goth but can get along with anyone.
Fav Bands-And Fav songs
Bullet For My Valentine- Burst into Fire, Tears Dont Fall,Road To Nowhere,Hand Of Blood
Black Veil Brides-Knives and Pens,Carolyn,Perfect Weapon
Bring Me The Horizon- Diamonds Aren't Forever, Pray For Plagues, The Comedown
Blood On The Dance Floor-I love hello kitty, IDGAF, Blood On The Dance Floor
Lordi-Kalmageddon,hard rock Halleujah,Devil Is A loser,Would You Love A Monsterman?
Godsmack-I stand Alone,Awake,Go Away
Slipknot-DeadMemories,Psychosocial,Wait Bleed
My Chemical Romance (MCR)-Dead!,BulletProof Heart, Mama, Welcome To The Black Parade,Sing
Korn- Freak On A Leash, Evolution,Blind
Cradle Of Filth-Temptation, Born In A Burial Gown, The Death Of Love
Three Days Grace- Just Like You, Home, I hate Everything About You
Disturbed-Voices, Into the Night, Down With The Sickness
Paramore- Decode, Crush Crush Crush, Brick By Boring Brick
Theory Of A Deadman- Bad Girfriend, Hate My Life
Hollywood Undead- Everywhere I go, Young
Breaking Benjamin-So cold, Diary Of Jane, Breakdown
System Of A Down- BYOB,Sugar,Spiders
Evanessence- Sweet Sacrifice,Wake Me Up Inside,Bring Me to Life,My Immortal
Three Doors Down- Citizen Souldier, Here Without You, Kryptonite
Shinedown-If you Only Knew, Sounds Of Madness,Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide,Diamond Eyes
Rob Zombie-Living Dead Girl,Feel So Numb, Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
-I know many more bands but these are just some of my favs-

I know a good bit of Spanish-
Yo gusta tocar la guitaria y Yo cantar en el bano. (I like to play the guitar and I sing in the shower.) lol but only to really good songs
Female celebs who influence me: Ke$ha, Brittney Spears, Katty Perry and Lady GaGa, Hayley Williams,Amy Lee,Emma Stone

I always know what to say to make you smile. :) Im a great listener and ill always be there if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Add me on Facebook its kirsten kraemer
Epic quotes:

Lifes a world tour, im just the one head banging and rocking out in the background-Me

Sing till your body goes numb and your vocal cords collaps; when your heart beats out of your chest and your fear mentality snaps; think of me and close your eyes becauses sweetie, your in for a big surprise; behind each person lies a trail of misery, your own personal trail has led you here with me, where you shall stay forever more while the people around you fall to the floor in pain and awe you stand watching the ones benath you raise their hands. Trying to reach out and get back up, you watch as they run out of luck, but dont worry friend because this is not what it seems, you awake the next day and see that this was all a dream adn who you might ask is the cause of all this? well that my child is under lock and key because no one in this place knows the characters true identity but me, and I will not tell for this man knows me all too well. So sing on that stage if you wish and let the lyrics linger like a kiss. Dont give your salutaion because the crowd wants to give you what you deserve, a standing Ovation.- Me

Follow the page till the end and let the lyrics be your friend; have the beat and rhythm guide your soul while the solos take back what your past failures stole- Me

Listen to your heart because it makes its own beat which in turn creates a rhythm that lifes experiences shape into a solo while you spend your whole life trying to find and write that one song that you unknowingly had inside of you all along- Me

Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if its broken but there will always see a crack in that mother f****n reflection.-lady Gaga

It doesnt matter if you love him or capital HIM.. just put your paws up.. cuz you were born this way baby.- Lady Gaga

Love is worth holding on to even if it means letting your past go.-Me

Love has no boundaries, no lines and no blockades, only the decision of doing whatever it takes to stay together exists.- Me

Friends are like siblings, they laugh with you, they cry with you, and sometimes they run with your money lol. But you still love them.- me

Taking me into your heart, doesn't mean taking out the parts that make you who you are, it just means adding on something that shows the world how special you are and that makes you happy. Isn't that what its all about?-Me

no arrow can pierce me-Lady GaGa

-MY FAV Books-
Sacrifices by neecy
Make Me Whole by MidnightRain
Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED) by Justinbieberlover
Don't Tell Mom and Dad We Kissed! by Polyamorous
Fading Scars by Dreamheart
♥Hate me with Love ♥ by Spindlegal
Seven Deadly by C Lawson
Brotherly Love (Completed) by Elena Hathaway
Love-Hate Relationships Suck by C.C Phoenixx
A Forbidden Love by MidnightRain
Love him to death (COMPLETE) by Justinbieberlover
Uncharmed by Lauren DM Smith
Young Adult 25
Nightlight by Labyrinth
Resurrection by Lumpkin
Eighteen (Sequel to "A Forbidden Love") by MidnightRain
Away by C. Marie
Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster by C.C Phoenixx
The Darker World by Jevin Marquinez
The Darker World 2 by Jevin Marquinez
Change by WriteArtemisBrei
The Hitman and The Assasin by XxVenomxX
Fallen by MidnightRain
Strange Discoveries: Finding Monique by Roza-Dimka Belikova
Stealing Boys First by Lizzie McGuire
Need To Break Free by Diamond In The Rough
Vulnerable & Beautiful (FINISHED) by Justinbieberlover
The Day He Found My Horrible Secret by TaylorLane
Brotherly Love by Puddled Rain
He's Back by drops'of'jupiter
Glitter Dreams by Scarlett Linford
Blood Loss by A.N.T
Drowning in Darkness by Julia Hecate
Torn Between the Two. by SeliinaSwiift

P.S i will not be on a lot due to work and my home not having internet so ill try to get on as much as i can ok? luv yall and have a good summer!

List of books

Tells the story of a human girl living in a world with vampires and werewolves without knowing it.
Young Adult
Nathan is the master of the crystal group. they are a trio of very powerful witches. He brings in tormented werewolf Caleb to become Nicholes mate. Now they need a mate for Caleb.
Young Adult
Keira is a sixteen year old girl that has been tuned into a vampire by a vampire couple.She must adjust to her new life as a immortal.
Young Adult
Trying to stand above the world while making my own path. But forgetting the past is harder than you think
Non Fiction
Trevon,James,David,and Collin are all werewolves. They are part of the forest tribe, a group of some of the most powerfull werewolves.
Young Adult
Tritan is now eighteen years old and will stay that way because he is a new vampire turned by his father, he must fall in love or the whole vampire kind will be found and killed. What a life!
Young Adult
What if you want to see a vampire but there are none? you make a vampire. Sophia and Scar are two of the many experiments that three scientists are working on. But they are working on humans.
Young Adult
Whoever said High school would be a blast must have been on something. High school is full of jocks, goths and class clowns. There are too many rules to follow and anyhting can hurt you.
Young Adult
My life turned upside down that horrible night... It may only get worse from now on...