silent surrender
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Country: Canada

Hey, I'm silent surrender. Yep, I do have a name, but it's not one I'm willing to share. =)

I'm a 16 year old girl, and I love love LOVE writing! I have a passion for words, and writing is my obsession. Other than writing, I love to talk, shop, text, act, sing, snowboard/ski, and meet new people.

I have literally hundreds of stories hidden in places that I don't even remember, and I'm still turning them all up. When they have been discovered, they will most likely go up on here, and then you will get to enjoy(or suffer the torture...) of reading/reviewing them.

From one aspiring author to another...

Happy writing! =)

List of books

All those words left unspoken, all those thoughts left unvoiced...gone are the regrets, the 'what ifs.' 30 letters for 30 days, to make up for lost time, and fix what has been broken.
My best work comes in those scribbled words that I hastily scrawl onto the napkin that is my only tool. And looking back on the words later, I find that they often create something real and true.