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Hello fellow earthlings!
I'm Maddiee and I'm a 15 year old teenage girl.
I LOVE reading, it's jut about my whole LIFE.
A few of my fave authors are:
- Cecelia Ahern
- Jacqueline Wilson
- Meg Cabot
- JK Rowling
- Jeff Kinney
- Chris Manby
- Sophie Kinsella

I LOVE writing stories aswell, as I am an imaginative teenage girl.
I have twitter, so if you want to follow me, my twittername is: @Maddiee_xoxo :)
If you have any stories you would like me to read, feel free to message me and let me know, I'll be more than happy to!
Also, please check out my books!
peace and love,
Maddiee xD

List of books

School children are supposed to be on a world cruise, but then they are shipwrecked on an island and can only survive on coconut milk and raw fish. Can they live to tell their tale and get SOS aid ?
Tyler joins the best school at Heartshire, Shine Academy but can't keep up with her studies due to her mortal enemies threats. Can she make it through her first year without falling off the ride?
Love, heartaches, breakups, makeups, it's all in this One Direction fanfic! <3
Fan fiction
Saphy, a.k.a, Model Mannequin, has a divorce her husband. Then, she goes into the modelling career. But then she kills herself and it is upto her daughter to save her career and the fashion show.
Christine's mother passes away when she was 4. Ever since, she has been nourished by her father. But when she move's school, her father meets Mademoiselle Gabrielle, the stepmother from hell.