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Hey everybody! My name's Hailey and I'm 14. I'm totally not sporty, and I'm the clumsy girl who trips over her backpack in class, falling to the floor and laying there for 2 minutes. Haha, no I'm not that bad...but I can definitely imagine myself doing it!

Some of my favorite things are: Summer, writing (duh!), reading (a given), animals, nature, and being alone!

If you wanna get on my good side, give me Ghiradelli milk chocolate w/caramel! :) It's my FAVORITE. Or Lindors...they're pretty good too...

I wrote my first story when I was 5 (in kindergarten or first grade). It was about a horse named Shovel Derby. Lame, I know, but I've grown pretty attached to that name. Lol :)

When I write, I try to make the MOST interesting names I possibly can! (Yes, this includes Shovel Derby). I find that this makes the book more fun and it compels you to read more of it!

I deserve the truth of what you think about my books. If you read them, please comment. I dont need a sugar coating, just give it to me like it is. I am not going to pretend that criticism doesn't hurt me sometimes, BUT I need to get over that!! :) And not everyone is going to like my story, I've got to remember that. I hope most people will, though!

I sneak raw cookie dough and bacon bits from the fridge at my house. ;)

I absolutely hate wearing shoes and as a result, I go barefoot about 3/4 of the year!

I love writing fantasy books, but also young adult books about teenagers who have something bad happen to them. It's not that I like sad stories, but I like to think that my stories actually help people who are actually in those situations! :)

I LOVE summer rainstorms; I love the smell before and after it rains and how the damp grass feels on my feet. I love swimming in a pool, ducking my head underwater, and listening to the raindrops hit the water above my head!

My favorite love story movie is The Princess Bride. <3

My favorite foods are steak, fries, and pizza. I am an absolute carnivore; nothing against vegetarians...but I cannot LIVE without meat!!! I can't even imagine a life with no meat. :)

When I write, the way I make the dialogue is I place my feet in my character's shoes; I write down what I would say, and have my characters say it. That way it doesn't sound fake or made up; it sounds like someone would really say it! :)

Well, if there's any other pertinent information about me you'd like to know, just ask. :) Please add me as a friend and comment on my work, when I post it. Thanks!!!!

List of books

The day started out like any other, but Sara and her mother get in a car accident.